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Dracaena - part 2

Category: Decorative leaf

16 Jan : 21:16

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02_StripedDracaena_closeup.jpg 1127092896_fc9d6dd9c5.jpg 350413950_7b8c1030f2.jpg Dracaena-marginata-tricolor.jpg dracaenareflexa.jpg
Dracaena_fragrans_massangeana.jpg Dracaena_fragrans_massangeana_close.jpg dracaena_reflexa.jpg Drac_Colorama.JPG Visoflora-dracaena-1213.jpg

dracaena1.jpgFamily Dratsena. Rodina - the tropical regions of Africa and Asia, the Canary Islands.

Dratsenata ROOM is a flower.

If you decide to grow dratsena apartment must be taken of a location, because there are various types dratsena, mostly different forms. Among them are giant and dwarf dratsena dratsena and usual types.

Overall dratsenata be grown easily, but everything depends on the type.

Most species are modest - Dracena okaymlennaya, dragon and Dracena Dracena Godsefa. In contrast, other species should pay more attention.
Basic care includes dratsenata pochisvaneto powder of the leaves, rejuvenation of old plants, which is the period from October to January.

Here is a description of certain dratsena:

dracaena_mar.jpgDracena okaymlennaya Dratsena marginata - perennial, up to 3 meters in height. The length of leaves up to 50 cm and a width of about 1 / 2 cm, glossy format. Color and is mostly green, but depending on the class, there may be yellow or red stripes.
This is one of the most common types dratseni. Dratsena marginata species are: marginata tricolor (in narrow red and yellow stripes) and Dratsena marginata colorama (with a red border). There are wildlife - with green leaves and reddish-purple band edge.

dracaena_fra.jpgDracena dushistaya Dratsena fragrans - is bright green leaves with silvery-gray stripe in the middle. Grow in closed environments and reaches a height of 2 meters. This is one of the best types dratsena. Withstand winter temperatures of 10 ° C.

dracaena_der.jpgDracena deremskaya Dratsena deremensis - grow to 1.5 meters or more. The length of leaves up to 50 cm and a width of about 5 cm, glossy forms. This variety has pure green leaves. Some have one or more white or yellow stripes.

dracaena_san.jpgDracena Sander Dratsena sanderiana - reaching 70-100 cm in height. The leaves have a grayish-green color, and reach 23 cm. There is a variety with dark green edging.

dracaena_god.jpgDracena Godsefa Dratsena godseffiana - is unrepresentative form .. Is oval leaves covered with spots kremovidni. Grows to 60 cm in height. The colors of the young are yellow-green, but overall color depends on variety.

Temperature: Moderate, but not below 15 ° C
Lighting: For best growth and development needs intense light. If the summer is a sunny spot stood, the winter should be moved near the window.
Irrigation: Profuse summer and moderate winter, but given the temperature in the room. There should be no stagnant water in the dish or isahnala soil.
Fertilizing: During the growing period from April to August every two weeks dratsenata should be dressed with fertilizers for potted plants. You can use the Rainbow, "Ideal", "giant" and others.
Humidity: Dratsenata is resistant to dry air, but requires regular spraying the leaves.
Replanting: spring every two years. The roots of dratsenata are located in the upper layer of soil, so you can make a big drainage.


Category: Decorative leaf

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