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Category: Decorative flowering

11 Jul : 16:16

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Latin name: Agapanthus, or lily ornamental
Origin: Rodina plant is South Africa
Family: Liliev
Leaves: Agapantusat is one of the most fast growing flowers, so if you want to grow it at home, you must select offspring. There are many fine long stems and leaves in nasitenozeleno.
Colors and blooms: its petals are like clouds, perched on top of long stalks. Consist of many small bells and have a really delicate kind. Colors range from white to Lyulyakovo.
Agapantusat grows very rapidly, so as ROOM growing plant suitable only young plants. Inflorescence is oval, with delicate kambanopodobni white or blue colors.

In the absence of sufficient light your agapantus may be attacked by pests.
Needs a lot of water, but especially in agapantusa is that soil must dry before the next watering.
Transplant in the period February-April in the garden soil, mixed with much clay.
The plant loves the illuminated areas. And not only in summer. Then you have to place it sunny and warm place. Light must reach it in winter. The only difference is the temperature, which then must be low - 1-2 degrees. Incidentally, if you do not provide enough light plant, it will be attacked by pests.
Duplication is not very easy. It is done by division.
Irrigation: Watering in agapantusa not complicated. The plant loves water and needs plenty of regular watering. But be careful not to over. Before the next watering is best to touch his hand, and if the soil is dried, only then to pour water.
Soil: Garden soil, mixed with some clay. It is best to transplant in the period February-April.

Category: Decorative flowering

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