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25 Jul : 10:53

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gloriosa-superba.jpgVariants: Gloriosa superba, carsonii, simplex and verschuurii. Gloriosa superba commercially exploited species, the most common are his selections:
Gloriosa Rothschildiana (red)
Gloriosa Lutea (yellow)
Originally from tropical Africa, glorioza is national flower of Zimbabwe.
Gloriosa Rothschildiana Name comes from Latin and means honor, glory. This beautiful and exotic flower is krastenona Baron ZW Rothschild, a specialist in birds, which bought the flower from Africa and it showed at the exhibition of British horticultural society in the early centuries.
The color is composed of six petals delicately curved, curled at the edges and stained to cherry red, shading to yellow.

Height: 1 to 2 meters

Flowering: Summer

Planting: planted when the weather starts to warm. However, if your eyes start to change color and swells before, tubers should be planted immediately. If the tuber is fully asleep, she strongly recommended to be stimulated to sprout before planting to achieve steady growth and flowering. It does this by keeping it in damp peat or sawdust at 30 ° C.

After swelling, tubers of gloriozata should be planted in a pot large enough, to bring two new tubers will be formed in a period of growth (about 30-33 cm pot). The tuber should be planted horizontally, and cover with about 4.7 cm soil. Soil should be friable, permeable, well drained (pH 5.8-6.5) - 2 parts soil, 1 part peat and 1 part sand. Always be careful not to damage the new growing tips (thick and blunt ends). Each tuber has one "eye" from which to develop roots and one main stem. The formation of stalks is terminal and then from the main stem, killing new stems. Therefore, one tuber can develop flower stalks to 5. Flower buds are formed in successive leaf nests, starting from 30-40 cm above the soil, the leaves nest below the lowest bud out side pillars.

Props: Gloriozata need props on which to climb. This makes using a thin mustache at the end of each leaf. Put her props for climbing by more planting.

Location: Secure gloriozata a good sunny location. Light without direct sunlight. At lunch it is necessary to overshadow, if you happen to be located on the south window. In other cases it is not necessary.
Gloriozata prezimuva like tuber. Keep a cool place. In March, is planted with appropriate saksieya and placed in a warm place until light box. After forth pot you can spend outdoors.
It flowers from April to late August. In September, the plant is imported back into the house where the withers. Cut all the dead leaves, a bulb is harvested.

Watering: The soil should be kept moist during growth, but not podgizva.

Air humidity: Gloriozata enjoys relatively high air humidity. Very low air humidity can cause hair loss of flower buds, trituration so regularly.

Feeding: Every week feeding with liquid manure (0.4-0.6 g / l) - NPK 15:9:15.

Care after overblown: After pretsafti, stop fertilizing and gradually reduce watering until the foliage is dry completely. Then remove the tubers, clean them and rolled them into sulfur and store them in peat or sawdust. You let them in pots and winter in dry soil. You'll see that the old tuber has died, but two new tubers formed in its place. They are connected in the shape of a horseshoe, with each ochentsata its end. Before you plant a back, and broke "horseshoe" in the middle to separate the two tubers. Gloriozata can be propagated by separating and shoots.

Storage: Needs a rest period of 6-8 weeks before the tuber starts to sprout naturally. The longer a period of rest, the faster it germination, regardless of temperature. The tuber should be kept at a minimum temperature of 8 ° C (recommended 16-18 ° C) and relatively high humidity. To prevent drying, can be put in sand or sawdust. If stored at 16 ° C, the life of tubers up to 8 months.

Warning: Keep away from children and pets. Chemical analysis shows that all parts of plant are poisonous. Their ingestion can be fatal!

Category: Bulbs and tubers

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