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Euphorbia splendens / Milii

Category: Cacti

19 Jul : 12:59

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euforbia3.jpgJeshua e crown of succulent plant family Euphorbia. (There are over 1600 species of this vast family, some of which are well known around the world - eg poinsettia).

It is evergreen shrub reaching a height of up to 120 cm, there are large hard spines and red flowers bloom.
Moderate watering in spring and autumn, slightly more abundant in summer and hardly at all during the winter (if the plant is outside and exposed to low temperatures are not watering at all).
The soil surface must be dry between two watering.
Prepolivane in leaves and stem may be covered with mold.

Loves holy places. Blooms in the shade at all or very little.
Be propagated by cuttings, which are dry thoroughly and leave a few days to pozasahnat ventilated place. Pot in soil mixed with a little sand - for better drainage.

euphorbia splendens   evergreen shrub   spring and autumn   soil surface   red flowers   
Category: Cacti

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euphorbia splendens   evergreen shrub   spring and autumn   soil surface   red flowers   

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