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Impatiens sultani

Category: Decorative flowering

20 Sep : 15:14

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impatiens_sultani.jpgOne of the ten most popular plants in Europe and the USA. In the last decade of the twentieth century is now one of the best selling flowers with potted chrysanthemum and pelargoniumi. Very unassuming, so it is recommended to beginners and lovers of flowers. Profuse flowering from June to October with the most varied colors, keeping dekortivnostta, with opportunities to grow as terrace, garden and even ROOM plant and low price - all this makes it a desirable and affordable for many.

Generic name comes from the Latin word impatiens - impatient, which is a hint of fruit bursting at least touch on some species. It is a perennial, herbaceous, succulent with pale green stems, which diverge and the whole bush of the older plant is showers with flowers - white, pink, purple or orange-red.

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Category: Decorative flowering

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