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Wednesday 13 August 2008 - 08:44:55

home-garden-supplies.jpgPlants at work

The main problem in the official and working spaces is watering. In the offices are kept only persistent, problem-free plants that can survive Saturdays and Sundays and without water. Should be aware that air conditioning does not harm plants pa, even contrary, most are progressing well at a uniform temperature and high importance of the air.

Living gray foliage makes offices more pleasant, of course, if the plants are making good care.

Plants at home

Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, fresh greens everyday makes us no-beautiful. In the bright kitchen, where we spend much time can be placed and plants, except that decorate the room, and are useful. Of course, everything depends on personal taste.

For example, herbs like parsley, onion Garvanski, Major, balm, etc. are developing very well on the kitchen window. It is great to always have fresh herbs from its own small garden.
Plants that provide natural protection against insects, also have their place in the kitchen. For example, with its strong flavor tamyanat keep away flies and mosquitoes.

Particularly suitable for the nursery gardens are in bottles. For them, using a small, transparent container. Fill it up with a third Cactus sandy soil or soil mixture. Dampen the soil with well-sparger. Then scatter the seeds. Close the bottle well, best with a cork stopper and seal. Put it on a sunny window. After 4 to 6 weeks cacti sprout. Over the next three years could remain in the bottle, not for them to be nurtured. They become as big as your thumb, and sometimes even flourish, because they feel great in your sobstvsniya Ecosvil.

As a rule, the bedrooms are cooler than the daytime.
Unsuitable for household plants are highly fragrant. Not recommended and plants with very large leaves that are too dusty for daily bed making. For sleeping and are not suitable plants that can cause allergy.

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