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hibiscus.jpgHibiscus (Latin Hibiscus) is a genus of about 200 species, some of the family Malvaceae (Latin Malvaceae). The most common species of this genus are Chinese and Sudanese Rose. Most plants come from Asia, but some grow in Africa and in the wild. In India the white hibiscus is used as a therapeutic agent, in the Central African countries for the production of juices. Rose e Syrian national flower of South Korea and China rose - a rose Malayziya.Kitayskata bloom almost all year and reaches 1 - 2 meters at home usloviya.Zhivee more than 20 years.

This is the Rose of the tropics. It flowers almost all year and reaches 1 - 2 meters at home. Live more than 20 years.

Hibiscus is a great example ROOM plant, ideal for sunny windowsill.

Its large, papery flowers, generally last only a day - or two, but with more care can flourish from spring to autumn.

Bushes of hibiscus can live more than 20 years.

Optionally can be maintained with the size of a standard room flower.
If you want to maintain their bushy form, cut stems in late winter.

Hibiscus has many varieties, which bloom in white, yellow, orange, pink or red.

With bright colors hibiscus enjoys great popularity. Exotic flowers of hibiscus called "flower of love" and "flower of the wonderful women" - they are a symbol of Haiti and in India are intertwined in a wedding wreaths.
At the beginning of XVIII century hibiscus was transferred from China and decorate the botanical gardens in Europe, attracting admiring glances with their heavy blooms. There are also claims, however, as the hibiscus which also met during the XVI century in Italy.

Hibiscus (Hibiscus) is a numerous genus of the family Malvaceae (Malvaceae), numbering about 300 species distributed mainly in tropical regions of Southeast Asia. These are the grasses, deciduous and evergreen shrubs or trees with a height of 3 m.

Today there are about 500 varieties and garden forms of hibiscus, with simple decoration and colors, different color - white, yellow, pink, orange, red, purple, violet. Hibiscus is one of the most beautiful and long-blooming perennials. On sunny spot protected from wind, it blooms abundantly from June until the first cold snap. Hibiscus is not demanding to the soil, but it must be ottsedliva, with good drainage. Grows well even in urban conditions.

The most commonly grown:
Syrian hibiscus (H. syriacus)
This deciduous tree that often grows as a shrub is well-known hollyhock tree, common in our parks and backyards. Still call it "The Rose of Sharon" and consider it the national flower of South Korea. It can live for 100 years. Used for landscaping of parks, paths, walls, fences. It grows slowly blossom after 3-4-years old. Withstand transient lower the temperature to minus 22 degrees. Easily tolerate pruning and replanting. Propagated by cuttings, objected to seed.

Syrian Mugunhva or hibiscus or rose of Sharon. Every year from July to October the country sank into mugunhva the colors of the hibiscus, which are very durable, not afraid of diseases and insects. The symbolic significance of the flower comes from the root of his name - mugun, which means immortality. South Koreans believe it accurately reflects the nature of immortal Korea, inspiration, determination and tenacity of the Korean people. So I considered the flower of South Korea.

Sabdarifa hibiscus (H. sabdariffa) with brand names: hemp Rose, Siamese jute, jute Java. This is the one that Sudan rose, which made tea karkade. The leaves, stems and cups of plants have a reddish color and almost the whole plant without roots is saedobno. Fresh leaves used in salads, seeds which are very similar to sesame, roast and ground is used in soups and confectionery.

For tea so popular lately are not using color as written on the packaging of karkade and cups of blooms. After pretsafti color cup starts to grow and increased 5-6 times, it is fleshy and juicy. Collect the cups with ripe fruit. Fresh use them for jelly prepared from these sauces, compotes, used to color a colorless canned fruit - pineapple, for example.

Hempen hibiscus - (Hibiscus cannabinus) is a type of hibiscus, which probably originates from southern Asia, although his real homeland is unknown. Is known under many names and brand names - hemp hibiscus, hemp from Gambia (Gambo hemp), Siamese jute, kenaf, jute from Bimli (Bimlipatam jute), hemp Ambari, Papua from San Francisco, Dah, Meshta and others. Do not confuse it with cannabis - this type of hibiscus does not contain psychotropic substances.

Hibiscus cannabinus is an annual or biannual herb, which grows to a height of 1,5 to 3.5 m. Its stem is 1-2 cm in diameter, it is not always branched. The history of its cultivation is very long, because plant fibers, which are derived from the dried stems and successfully compete with hemp. They are shorter, do not differ with waterproof, but strong and elastic. Used for ropes, technical fabrics - a rough but very fine, paper. Of this type are made of hemp and bags of coffee. From its seeds are extracted technical oils. Grown in India, China, Brazil, USA, Uzbekistan.

Chinese hibiscus - (H. rosa-sinensis) grows in Eastern Asia and the Pacific Islands. It is well known and loved our room Chinese rose. It is considered the national flower of Malaysia. Its five petals symbolize the five commandments of Islam. Not only celebrated by Muslims in the country but also the Gentiles, and Chinese and Indians. Prices for its beautiful colors, homeliness, rapid growth. As time becomes a lush shrub with large crown and is very suitable for the formation of spacious rooms, winter gardens and offices.

In our Chinese Rose is one of the most beloved and popular indoor flowers. It is compact, twiggy shrub or tree that can reach a height of 2-3 m even its leaves are dark green, glossy, extended ovoid, with jagged edges, large - up to 15 cm of its colors are larger than 9 to 12 cm in diameter, petlistni, simple and decoration. Their color may be white to yellow, deep pink to red. Blooms in summer for several months.

China Rose is not very capricious plant, but it has its peculiarities. The most abundant and continuous bloom and develop, where for providing bright light, heat, humidity and moderate air constantly moist soil. But not bear very directly lit by the sun and drafts. Hibiscus and withstand the shade, but in insufficient light blooms and evolves little worse. Placed in a holy place, yet in March its first buds appear. Then blooms throughout the summer to late autumn.

In summer, when exports are usually outdoors, needs slight shading during midday hours, daily watering, regular feeding with organic and mineral fertilizers and sufficient moisture. After August feeding should be gradually reduced, and in winter can be watered less frequently. The optimum temperature for winter is about 15 ° C.

In winter the average temperature must be at least 13 degrees.
Light must be possible - many, avoiding direct sunlight.
Soil should be moist at all times. In winter, watering can be reduced.
Often spray the leaves.
Transplanting is done early spring each year.

Hibiscus adds a wonderful atmosphere and the garden. The effect was particularly strong during the heavy bloom - in the summer.

Insert obligatory pot home before first frost fell.

Reproduction: During the month of May by cuttings at 20-25 degrees. (For better results cover the pot with a glass jar or plastic bag.)

Fertilizing: During the spring-summer - 1 time in 2 weeks with mineral and organic fertilizers.
Autumn - winter - if not cold natoryava, but if heat once a month.

The buds fall off due to most - perhaps the dry soil or sharp change in temperature. If the leaves begin to frilly - the air is probably too dry. Therefore, leaves should be regularly sprayed during the spring and summer. Windfalls leaves are a sign of too dry soil. It is also possible in place of the plant to pass over or you do prepolyali. Potential pests are aphids and mites.


China Rose dislikes the cold.

Why did it fall leaves?
Hibiscus is evergreen, but if you keep a cool lose their leaves.
If this happens, the plant throughout the winter should be kept dry soil, because it is at rest and will only occur in the spring new leaves.
If the light is weak foliage also fall.

To bloom throughout the year it needs:
- Bright lights;
- Constant temperature;
- Moderate humidity.

When the plant zastaree:
If the plant does not bloom so magnificently and begin to consume - the time has come for radical pruning. It is best to do in the fall, but if your still a flower blooms, put this operation for the spring.

Why does it drip buds?
Buds and fall off if the light is weak or you have changed the location of the plant.

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