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saintpaulia.jpgSenpoliyata (Saintpaulia), also known as African violet, is a genus of herbaceous plants of family Gesnerievi from the mountains of Tanzania. The plant is named after its discoverer, Baron von Saint-Paul, who first classified it in 1892 Today it is very popular ROOM plant that blooms all year round - usually for 2-3 months, followed by 20-30 days rest after which when properly breeding cycle is repeated. Colors range from white through pink and purple to blue and violet. The leaves are downy and not bear to be sprayed since then are covered with brown spots and decay. The optimum temperature is around 20 ° C for polusenchesto place. Propagated by leaf cuttings immersed in water or placed in the soil. Root slowly. Another way of propagation by seed is planted in the spring.

Some species:
Saintpaulia inconspicua
Saintpaulia goetzeana
Saintpaulia ionantha
Saintpaulia pusilla
Saintpaulia shumensis
Saintpaulia teitensis

In 1892, Baron Walter von Saint Paul, governor in the mountainous regions of Eastern Africa, found a new plant with downy leaves and lovely violet flowers, which is very similar to violets. Seeds sent by him to his father, Ulrich von Saint Paul, an amateur florist, one of the most famous collectors of orchids in Germany, and he in turn gave them part of the director of the Royal Botanic Gardens. New plants named in honor of father and son, Saint Paul Saintpaulia ionantha (Saintpaulia). The species name ionanta - temenuzhenotsvetna been granted because the similarity of its colors with colors of violets.

First international exhibition of flowers were presented senpolii. Interest in them was great and immediately began work on creating new hybrids.
Senpoliite crossing the Atlantic Ocean and reached the east coast of the United States.
Furthermore violets blue and purple flowers appear and the red-purple.
Began mass senpolii growing in greenhouses in the United States. Plants are available for fans florist.
Walter Ortel presents the first ten hybrids senpolii fit for sale.
Technology is presented for the cultivation of violets in artificial lighting.
Appear first with dense violet color.
Created the first hybrid with pure pink flowers "Pink Beauty".
On May 5, has issued the first patent for African violets. Then received the first Saintpaulia with white flowers.
In Atlanta held its first exhibition of violets. 203 fans of this wonderful plant known ROOM 478 plants of the exhibition. The next year, again in Atlanta held its first congress of the American Society of fans of violets.
In Geneva nursery Kalifornii were created in the first plant with white border and the colors were called the "Geneva".

From 1951 to 1970 were created many new and various hybrids of senpoliyata: with curly leaves and colorful, with colors in the form of a star. Began the era of the selection of African violets. Began to appear 2 -, 3 -, 4-color violets, with various forms of color, appeared with yellow flowers Saintpaulia other miniature varieties, hybrids with multiple amazing colors, shapes and sizes of jack.
Today the world has over 8000 registered varieties uzambarska violet, but breeders have already set the objective to grow with aromatic violet colors. And now, 110 years have continued to senpoliyata victorious march of the world as one of the most beloved and popular indoor plants, gained more and more pilgrims, the queen of indoor plants.

The heat is a factor of flowering, it is desirable that the temperature does not fall below 16 °
It is recommended to be watered twice a week in the bottom substrate. Fill the substrate and after 30 minutes empty water nepoetata.
Direct sunlight in summer and can burn the leaves and colors.
In spring and summer senpoliyata is fed to two weeks, from October to February - once a month.

Violet dreams
If you see or collection of violets dream ahead your joyful events, during which influential people will demonstrate their favor to you.

A young girl such a dream predicts that soon it will meet your future spouse. If you are withered violets, her favorite boy will grow cold to it. If you get a dream of violets basket, the woman should be careful - some smart aleck will try to gain her trust, for the young girl, this means that her new friend would betray her or fraud. If the dream girl decorates your head with buketche violets, it predicts that attention from young people, but for a woman - happy love affair. And if you see a man with tattoo on face violet, you will need to seek to influence the person from whom you need. To dream that you make to draw violets, and you do not you know how to paint, light will help you ask for something that you have long forgotten.

Land and harmonic
Uzumbarskata violet with all its different varieties, colors, forms a pronounced appearance of Venus. Juicy, fleshy leaves with a velvety surface combine earth element and a Taurus Moon, which in this sign occurs most harmoniously. Senpoliyata is typical Taurus - sign nepripryan calm and violets, and therefore act soothing atmosphere of home, make coziness in the home. Perhaps, it is violet blooming one last note, which is not up to the cozy atmosphere at home.

In violets live sensual Venus and hearted, emotional Moon. Violets warm the soul. Their presence is useful in the home of people who have strong feelings or feel deprived, deprived of attention and love of others. It is particularly useful to have a violet in the room where the infant grows, because at this age many children are highly dependent on the moon.

Violets with white flowers suitable for every home, but they are especially good for home where children live. White color is like a white sheet - a beginning, color purity. White violets maintain clean air in your home. Space released by the energy of negative thoughts and bad feelings. If your home has a lot of white violets, the air was clinking. Their cleansing action can be expelled from the household dwelling nasekovi, especially ants, which are under the management of Taurus.

White violets soothe strong feelings. When one is impressed when the soul is joyful or back - sadly, when one feels strong love feeling, white violets can be prove very useful. They preotvratyavat nervous breakdowns, reduce the workload of the nervous system. Even such a wonderful feeling as love creates suffering, but the white violets alleviate human experience and the soul purged of bad feelings and emotions. If you find it difficult to oppose the unpleasant emotions, if you piss off others, tease, if you find it hard to keep good humor, kept white senpolii.

Impact of violets and rose-red flowers is aimed at clearing the area of our thoughts and feelings associated with carnal needs with our instincts. Red is the color of most low-lying chakra in our body. It is this chakra focuses attention on the physical human needs, on instincts. If you live in your home gourmets, gourmet, people who can not imagine a meal without meat, people who seek new ways to meet the physical needs, get their pink or red violet. It is very suitable if you are too highly concerned about money and accumulating material goods. Pink and red violets izchistvatprostranstovoto of thoughts and feelings of people associated with addressing the needs of flesh and accumulation. Violets make atmosphere lighter. Thanks to these violets people at home will suffer less.
Red and pink violets suggests a sense of satisfaction. Under the soft impact of these plants is reduced in humans need food and joyous feeling arises from the work of communication. If you grow at home or marzelivtsi gourmets, growing pink violets.

Violets are blue colors associated with Vishudha chakra, which is responsible for creativity, dexterity. These violets are useful for home, where talk and think much about tvorchesttvo and beauty. They not only cleared the area, but fill it with creative energy. With them is boring, so if you do not know how to deal or how to deal guests, kept his blue violet. With it in your home will be fun and interesting in the air at home will be felt tvorchestkoto inspiration.
Blue violets are very useful for people's creative work. They develop their creative abilities in humans. It is useful to be grown in areas where lessons are conducted in music, painting or singing in kindergarten and school.
Taurus is earth, slow sign, so you may pass much time until the man felt the subtle influence of the plant. But if your home has long blue violet grows, you can count that will affect your creative possibilities.

Violets with purple colors affect the atmosphere very strong violet color corresponds to the highest chakra, whose center is at the top of his head and chakra itself responsible for spirituality. Violet with violet Vetovo is useful when the owners of the house they want to cultivate energy of your home - it transforms our thoughts, feelings and desires in high energy, spiritual, fine. Violet is so useful in the room where the meditation takes place at home or when there is no spiritual unity, people do not understand. It clears negative energy from the atmosphere of misunderstanding, and thanks for not accepting it at home is vaztsaryava mutual understanding and even with different life views, people feel good together.

Thanks to violet purple man came to see their problems philosophically with earthly wisdom. Plant strengthens character, makes a man stronger spiritually, develop the ability of the man sees the signs of everyday events in the future. This may be occasional telephone calls, listen to different phrases, or dreams. Prompts appear in advance and each was confronted with them, but violet violet enables one to observe and decipher them.

Beauty Venus - the planet of harmony is pronounced in all violets. And above all, it harmonises the bodies which manage the Taurus - throat, thyroid. Moon manages the generation and separation of fluids in the body and various inflammatory processes. The combination of Venus and the moon gives violets ability to reduce inflammation in the throat and also to prevent diseases of the throat.


Temperature around 20 degrees.
Be watered with soft water, depending on the season while maintaining a moderate moisture.
Tori is each week during the winter for 3-4 weeks.
Contra to be sprayed with water because the leaves are brown spots form.

Location: Polusenchesto place without direct sun.
Near the window in winter, at about 20 degrees.

Propagation: it easily propagated by cuttings from leaves. Dip into a cup, it is better to handle the leaves do not touch each other. Appropriate temperature is above 20 degrees. Roots appeared after 3.5 weeks.
Then well stecklings to wait in light muskeg. Heavy clay soils are not suitable because korenchetata decay.

To bloom, remove pretsaftelite colors and feeding regularly. Replanting in liquid humus soil every year.

5 basic rules:
• constant heat
• careful and moderate watering
• good lighting
• high air humidity
• regular feeding

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