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strelitzia.jpgStrelitsiyata successfully grow and flourish in the Mediterranean.
Represents bezsteblen shrub that reaches a height of 1 - 2 meters.
Colors have a unique shape and are in blue and orange. They go straight from the base of the plant leaf in the shape of a boat with red.
Stems are in the form of vetlo, oblong.
In translation from German, the name of the plant is a "bird of paradise", because of the color that resembles the avian head.

Ideal soil mixture of humus, sand and clay. If the soil is not rich enough, put a little fertilizer in the hole before putting the plant.
Fertilizing regularly during the growing each month, but when looking strelitsiyata home - every two weeks.
If your goal are great colors - Select sunny location where the leaves do you like more - it planted in the shade.
After the flowering period (February - August), replanted in containers with good drainage.
Wrap it before you have started major frosts as the optimum temperature is 10 degrees in winter.
Frequent pest aphids.

Spring, seats, colored shade with normal water again. Large pot, make huge, very thick roots. And this is - very easy and nekaprizna.

Like most colorful and vibrant plants, native to South Africa.
Was first presented to European gardeners in the far in 1773 as part of a larger consignment of the Royal Botanic Garden III.Krastena of King George is his wife - Queen (lat.reginae) Charlotte Mecklenburg - Strelits.

Most - best option is by division of older plants. Maybe by seed, but then the plant will blossom only after 2 years.

Used a lot in arranging bouquets. Ideal for home and office interiors. Can be used as a natural fence. Look good, surrounded by - low plants or grass only.

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