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446176678gfljfa_fs.jpgLizimahiyata includes about 200 species of perennial herbaceous plants. They are ornamental and flowering in summer, some species are cultivated in gardens.

Lysimachus was one of the captains of Alexander the Macedonian. Fought bravely, and after Alexander's death in dividing the empire, became vicar of Thrace and then proclaimed himself king. Hardly ever famous warrior was interested in plants, but ironically the ancient Dioskorid botanist named in his honor a beautiful flower.

Lizimahiite are large genus of the family Primulaceae. Are distributed in temperate and subtropical areas of the Northern Hemisphere, most plants in China. In our country also found several species that have a net decorative qualities.

Graded lizimahiya (L. punctata) blooms magnificently in polusenchesti and sunny places with fertile soil citrine colors bedeck its branches low to the high peak of 90 centimeters stem in June-July. Very quickly, forming dense groups and is particularly impressive to ponds and miksborderi.

Ordinary lizimahiya (L. vulgaris) reaches 50-100 cm in height. It flowers in June-August and beautify wonderfully moist shady places.

Monetolistnata lizimahiya (L. nummularia) through shady forest grows in wet meadows on the banks of marshes and reservoirs. Its creeping stem reached 30 cm Oval leaves are very beautiful. It flowers from May to August. The most valuable quality is the ability to grow and vertical surfaces.

For decorations can be used directly lizimahii growing wild, and some nurseries offer and cultivated. Under the canopy of their bright yellow flowers glow like little sunshine. In terms of soil have special claims, except that it must be constantly moist. And if it is rich and loose, are growing very rapidly, forming thick carpets. With native species lizimahii can decorate any moist areas that we are tightly covered with vegetation.

Lizimahiyata grows well when planted in fertile soil permeable and is accommodated very bright spot, which is not basking in midday sun. Fueled combined-soluble fertilizer for flowering plants. For strong branching several tips to snap premahvat.Kogato occur, the flower is imported into the cool bright room with temperature 12-15 degrees to prezimuva. While resting, pour less and less water. Spring is transferred to the new rich soil and exported out to the balcony Krassy hanging from your shopping cart.

Duplication is a top cuttings with 2-3 pairs of well developed leaves. They strike in the spring and summer in the muskeg. For faster formation of roots can sink into a root stimulator, but even without him, covered with a plastic bag to maintain adequate moisture, root for 1-2 weeks.

Lizimahiyata is a great window decoration. Planted in a hanging pot, with its slightly uvsnali stems ending with a bunch of yellow flowers, sunlight and create a joyful atmosphere. Furthermore Tove is a magnificent backdrop for other flowers.

Temperature: resistant to temperature changes. Watering it regularly. Soil should always be moist.

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