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nertera_granadensis3.jpgBecause densely intertwining stems and tiny leaves often nerterata (Nertera) be confused with helksineto. Doubts end when pretsaftyat modest white blossoms and fruit appear. They are the main decorative part of the plant, constitute koralovocherveni glassy grain size of a pea and last several mesetsa.Nerterata come from Central and South America. The genus contains 8 species of which are cultivated two - nertera depression and nertera grenadenzis, popular with the name of coral or coral moss carpet. Color name in Greek means nisichak, tiny and is related to its size.

Nerterata prefers bright, protected from direct sunshine place, but bear polusyanka.Prez summer and it's good to export the balcony or in the garden.

Loves watering frequently and thoroughly, but preovlazhnyavane and remained mild trituration with water. Perfuse be suspended only during the bloom, because blooms, which fell on the water, do not give fruit. Saksiykata then placed on moist moss or keramzit.

To tie more and more healthy fruit nerterata requires a lower temperature - 15-17 degrees. For winter, the plant must be gathered in a room where the temperature does not fall below 10 degrees and pour as not to dry soil. When such care coral rug will stand the pot for many years.

In March nerterata to transplant, if it is otesnyala pot. Since the root system is weak, divided in 3-4 parts of a flower is planted in a shallow and wide container with thick drainage. Soil is a mixture of peat and leaflet equally with the addition of sand. Planting it on the ends of the court, but the middle will quickly be filled by the young stems.

To multiply the plant is necessary to separate its rhizome. A good time is early autumn.

Other tips:
In most manuals flowers in hair loss is recommended after the fruit plant can be discarded. This advice is primarily for the benefit of the companies that produce flowers.

NOTE: The plant is poisonous!

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