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Monday 14 September 2009 - 22:17:07

October is the month in which to gather the harvest of your vegetable garden. Leave the leaves on the lawn. This will help her survive through the winter. Maybe you are tired of barns garden, but made the last effort to save time next year.

Autumn leaves are both a blessing and a curse. Left on the grass like a carpet, they could suffocate her. The alternative is to turn them into fertilizer, making them turn the oar, and they tear to pieces as they move on to the mower.

Autumn nature offers a wide range of decorations for your home. Walk up and collect dry colors of hydrangea, broken twigs of the vine for making a wreath, gather different kinds of seed pods, which you can use as a decoration of bouquets. Even if you could dry the flowers of summer and decorate them with frames for pictures.

Any weed now will save you dealing with weeds in the spring. Pull or cut the roots of annual plants such as thistles and remove annual weeds such as salt bush, before their seeds disperse. A single plant can form hundreds of thousands of seeds, so do not waste your time.

Continue collection of beans, peppers and tomatoes as you are prepared to cover plants in case of frost or sudden cold snap. You can use old sheets, blankets or cardboard.

Rob pumpkins, once mature - when the crust becomes so thick that you could not it pierced with nails. Some gardeners prefer to wait for the light to snap and dried stem of the pumpkin so give more time to ripen. To escape from the pumpkin stem, use a knife and cut about 4 cm above the fruit.

Bojurite usually do not require grafting, so if possible, leave them where they are. Anyway, if you need to move plants, or if they become too big, now is the time for that. Not too deep planting flowers. Place the bulbs until one or two fingers below the surface. Otherwise the flowers may not blossom.

As your planting spring blooming flowers such as tulips and daffodils, consider whether to put a few in the chest for they blossom in late winter. Place garlic in a shallow container, then add more soil so as to cover most of the bulb. They should be kept cold in a refrigerator or a cool basement for several months to be encouraged to grow and blossom.

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