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Friday 02 October 2009 - 13:29:37

selenicereus_validus_flower1.jpgWinter hardening should be done in rooms with temperatures between 8 to 12-15 degrees. Move them into cacti, without watering them at all. Keep in mind that a well hardened plants can tolerate and the sudden drop in temperatures, even up to minus 5 degrees. However, such preohladen cactus should not be moved at a very cold place, but not room and is warm. Sukulentite cacti and say, had a warm winter in many cases not readily bloom next year or no flower stalks siphoned ugly when insufficient light and moisture.

However, if the plant has evolved greatly during the summer or naddalo in height, give him a mild winter conditions - ie slightly warm or even room - one of irrigations during the winter. In general, the temperature conditions in winter should be such that cactus do not lose water, ie not dry. If this still occur, it is necessary to wash the plant. Wait then as a complete drying of the soil by maintaining zakalitelniya regime.

One of the typical errors in the cultivation of cacti is precisely this - to allow them prepolivaneto. Soaked with water cacti gnilostvi actively develop processes that destroy it. As a general rule - as a little light, the greater must be dry soil and a lower temperature.

Autumn some may be tempted to replanted cactus in a medium, such as peat. And it was this decision is particularly failures, especially if light is poor - are the plant reaches a height, losing your healthy appearance.

Those who are willing to overlook the needs of its flowers and rely on the stability of large cacti to neglect, however, let us know that if they move out of the strong spring sun plant, it can get burns from the dramatic change and even die. The principle is that to be gradual, with the same poetapnost as you zazimyavali to cacti adapt to warmer temperatures and mostly the sun.

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