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Saturday 10 October 2009 - 13:43:02

fsh.jpgIn a confined space is preferable to the vertical (Zonal) landscaping. The bigger the room is, the greater must be the plants and more to their number. Tiny plant would be "lost" in a large space.

Modern minimalism requires careful selection of plants. However, flowers with large leaves look good in rooms with little furniture, hall or living room. This example is dratsena, filodendron, rubber plant. For small rooms suitable medium or small flowers with broad leaves and delicate.

Important in choosing the flowers are the colors of the interior. In one color pastel or black and white tones look very well spotted dekorativnolistni plants.

The style of furniture is also important in the election.

Ethno-style cane (bamboo or rattan) - bromelii, orchids, Bella Jolla (wax) jasmine. Japanese flavor is achieved by a dratsena room decorations, bamboo, azalea (rhododendron Japanese) or Bonsai. English or French style furniture with good harmony and plenty of flowering bushes flowers such as camellia, cyclamen, palms and flowers shtambovo formed.

If plants in your home are healthy and beautiful, grow and develop well, then there is positive energy.

Some flowers, particularly in pottery, have the ability to clean the air of the most common pollutants. These are geraniums, spatifilum, singonium, Chlorophytum, aglaomnema, sanseviera. The most preferred plants according to feng shui are the ones that have round or oval leaves. Is not desirable to have plants with sharp thorns and leaves (especially cacti), except in cases where you feel yourself that you have beneficial effects. Acute angles in the space formed by walls, furniture or columns are used to neutralize or winding ivy.

Vibrant flowers create energy "yang" - active energy, so it is advisable to have a lot in the bedroom. Suitable for the bedroom a few, but highly fragrant plants. Eligibility camellia, azalea, spatifilum, fir, violet, Four Leaf Clover, aloe, bamboo, of happiness, dratseni.

According to feng shui plants relate to the elements of the tree, which symbolizes growth, creativity and forward movement.

The best flowers available to the north, southeast or south in order to mobilize the positive energy in these areas for health, prosperity and luck.

To attract the "s" is used in flower pots or fresh flowers in bouquets. According to feng shui dried or artificial flowers, so modern and gained popularity in recent times, are carriers of energy "yin" (passive) energy and "sha" (neutralizing) are thus applicable in rare cases, such as people suffering from allergies or premises associated with an active life. If you are compositions, try to update or change them every year.

Feng Shui, it is an art devoted to harmony, so do not overdo it with the activation of certain areas and neutralizing other. All your actions must be gradual and mostly related to h your intuition and inner perception.

Treat your love with flowers and they will thank you.

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