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Ruttya.jpg Ruttya1.jpg Ruttya2.jpg Ruttya3.jpg ruttya_fluticosa-3[1].jpg Ruttya_fruticosa.jpg Ruttya_fruticosa_2.JPG ruttya_fruticosa_2.JPG
ruttya.fluticosa-31.jpgThis odd plant imports much playfulness and humor in the interior. From his native South Africa is conveyed throughout the world, some people call it an orange dragon, while others, including our - rabbit ears. Nashensko caressing her flower name due to the construction of a special color - if you look closely, you'll see a strong similarity with rabbit mug - black nose and protruding ears.

During flowering, which lasts almost all year, colors, gathered in clusters of 10-15, each with a length of about 4 cm, thoroughly embarrassing bush. The buds are yellow in color, poluraztvorenite colors are yellow-red, and when fully blossomed, becoming red and acquire their characteristic shape. There zhaltoobagreni and varieties of colors. The gradual dissolution of the color lasts 2-3 days. At first buds appear on leaflets, which does not suggest what would be obtained eventually. The next day, slightly yellow leaflets turn red and after a whole day is completely dissolved, colored in red and perk 'ears and mustache-stamens. Thus, in the same cluster simultaneously see different color and shape of flowers that look very decorative on the background of dark green leaves.

The thin and flexible branches of the routine are fully covered by thick shiny lista.Sled overblown zavrazvat usually small pods containing seeds flat. If you do not necessarily keep them planted, better remove them immediately so as not to exhaust the energy of the bush.

In summer the flower requires light shade. Strong light does not damage, but reduces its decorative. In winter, direct sunshine leads to luscious blooms.

Minimum t °: 12 Maximum t °: 25-30

Water thoroughly during the summer and in winter - more sparingly. Spraying the leaves contributes to their good health.

Routine must be podstrigva, it can be shaped or bush, or plant ampelno.

When transplanting in the spring using the same soil.

Routine is easily propagated by cuttings, which root in water for 3 to 10 days. They are planted in a light and permeable soil.

Routine rarely attacked by pests.

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