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Thursday 24 July 2008 - 08:24:56

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Bovardiyata a single, cylindrical petals in the shape of a star. Thin and slightly branched stem zavarshvav cluster decoration. The leaves are splashed pale and tapered at the end, the colors of the petals range from white, pink, pale orange and cherveni.Imeto the plant comes from its inventor - the French doctor Charles Bouvard.
The stems should be trimmed often with a sharp knife to give freedom and space of the new flowers. The soil must be nourished every 3 months. Waterfowl are often so need less to be watered. Pour carefully and only in the substrate of the pot.

Native to South America, preferring sub-tropical areas. In 1854 first entered Europe in particular in the Netherlands. There grows only in the greenhouse environment.
Propagation: Separate specimens are small, which take root in well nourished by mineral soil. Bovardiyata can also be propagated by dividing the rhizome and leaf through. The temperature should not exceed 18-24 ° C.

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