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10 Oct : 15:53

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fsh1.gifIn recent emphasis on feng shui is very popular. Thoroughly displaced beds and wardrobes, buy your wind bells and mirrors, hanging them in her home, hoping to change their lives for the better. Even if such crazes you are foreign, it is never redundant to seek rational grain in this study. Moreover, when it comes to flowers, most of the nurses we can not remain indifferent. And also joy for the eyes and soul, some of the most popular indoor flowers can help us to discover unexpected personality traits in harakatera you.

Geranium, azalea, begonia help to achieve personal success and weathered character. Mushkatoto softens the aggressive energy, anger, and helps develop a sense of humor, but it is always useful in any communication.

Azalia is required of those who are afraid to engage in responsible work. Influencing the human subconscious, the plant will increase its sense of confidence. Begonia harmonize communication does not allow the conversation to become talkee, donated to the slow, tough-minded people speed and wits.

Persian cyclamen and violets uzumbarskite help keep the material wealth and power of its owner. A faint and succumbing to foreign influence people cyclamate can give autonomy. White violets excessive emotions calm, light blue - helping to celebrate the creativity, violet - to achieve mutual understanding and give a more philosophical view on the issues.

Tradeskantsii, ferns, palms and ivy cirrus help maintain friendly relations between people. Tradeskantsiyata, despite all the superstitions, will give you to turn in or turn zavistnitsi giblets in tragedy. Ferns maksimalistite help to acquire a sense of measure and not lose your mind, develop a sense of tact and devote vagaries of desire. Palm organize people. Brashlyanat released by the emotions associated with jealousy and resentment.

To preserve cordial relations in the family and improve the atmosphere between relatives will help aloe and agave. Is a sufficient pot is not necessarily a Granny "curative" aloe, but with each other decorative forms.

In love and creativity can help tsiganche, Chinese rose, calla lily. People rose to become an energy power of laziness in creativity, neutralize the aggression of one family member who is trying to establish its absolute power. It is especially necessary for people who are constantly frustrated. Masculinity makes men, women - independence. Kala (or Zantedeshiya) protect the family union, it gives confidence and helps to show your feelings to that which previously was afraid of that. Favorite tsiganche creates warm, well-intentioned atmosphere smooths tension.

Roitsisus monstera and strengthen health, donate zdravomislie help develop the intellect. Roitsisus in this in any conditions neutralize the actions of those maniacs on purity. Monsterata sorts of people think, helps in their precise formulation, stuck dead conservatives.

Chrysanthemums and kodieum can help partners to peace. Chrysanthemum is especially good for people who find it difficult balance between intellect and emotion. It dispels the atmosphere of doubt, give peace, develop character: a woman gives femininity, a man - manhood, and the two - tenderness. Helps to overcome selfishness and one to listen to the opinions of others.

Krotonat soothes busy with creative ideas chapter. Krotonat a teenager can give you more confidence, and this insures against falling into bad company.

Cacti neutralize anger and wrath, and have a need where a person's character remains unpredictable. They can also help calm the squeamish, do not allow them to bring themselves into different plans for revenge. Cacti help people to focus on the experiences and emotions to include logic.

Dratsenata will give you get overwhelmed with pessimism and will protect you from samoobvineniya. Cacti fuss calm, help to achieve a stable income in the business. Particularly well reflected the presence of lemon and sanseviera near children as they develop their curiosity and their desire to enhance cognition. Lemon enhances their activity and independence. Sansevierite prevent rough.

To cope with work and so indispensable in the office of each head are Yuki and rubber plant. One pot with yucca in the office or the office will help you to concentrate their forces in a difficult minute, to create the necessary atmosphere for trust calls, you're more confident in myself. Rubber plant awakens enthusiasm and will help you focus on your main.

Haze and poinsettia and stimulate demand for something new and are very suitable for places where people gather very bright, aspiring to leadership. With their help people stop to prevent and suppress each other. Losing meaning in his life found him again, and businesses began to wear faster income. Poinsettia gives the joy of communication, helping people to find themselves in new and vibrant qualities to correctly determine their profession.

If you grow some orchids tsiperusi, they will help you to relax, to escape from domestic problems and to find spiritual purpose in life. Orchid inspire and stimulate creativity, help out of depression and depressed state. Maroon orchids chase away laziness and apathy. Tsiperusat delivers from fudge, tricks and fraud.

Agree that, even if you do not believe in everything what I read, surely you will be pleased to learn that the plants in your home or office to help you become better, and your business - more successful. But if you read has earned your trust, you can choose any indoor flowers that will feel more comfortable and maybe you'll be happier. The important thing is to believe this, because faith is half the success.

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Category: Flowers and Women

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indoor flowers   wind bells   aggressive energy   personality traits   responsible work   

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