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Category: Flowers and Women

17 Oct : 20:56

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5-4ab.jpgThe ancient Scandinavians are distributed nature of people like them likened to flowers. They divide people into 36 zodiac signs in their zodiac color.


1.10 January
They are stubborn and pedantic hora.Izklyuchitelni professionals, you know how you can use to their advantage, even the shortcomings and deficiencies si.Vie stream security and gain confidence vsichki.Imate many friends who are happy you love pomagat.V suitable partner for you would be Violet gentle and caring Lale.Za business partners in select representatives of the White mistletoe, which you promote.


January 11-20
You are sane and inteligentni.Praktichni but calculating.
Reasonably assess the risks that may be charged.
You have strict character and it repels many people, but you've srogi to myself, what makes you searched for spetsialisti.Chudesni lovers are Violet, Lily of the Valley and dandelion. Shipka and jasmine are perfect business partners for you.

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lily of the valley   zodiac signs   gain confidence   irresistible charm   unstable person   
Category: Flowers and Women

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lily of the valley   zodiac signs   gain confidence   irresistible charm   unstable person   

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