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07 Oct : 21:03

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Left (Zamia) is one of the rarest plants on Earth. Naturally present in some areas of Mexico and in southeastern Florida. In appearance reminded palm, but in fact the ancient family of sago (Cycadaceae). It contains twenty golosemenni type plants, which are extremely rare due to bow their age - their history dates back millions of years ago.

In the decorative flowers can be seen only small species left (Zamia pumila). It has short (up to 10 centimeters) klubenovidno bold bright green stem and leaves Leatherback cirrus. Individual leaflets are large and rounded in shape resemble a spoon. Covered with a thick waxy coating that protects them from moisture evaporation, and furthermore are bristly. Left is dioecious plant, ie has male and female representatives whose colors - cones must be pollinated to produce seeds. At home went extremely rare flowering and seed for obrazurane can not become 'a word. Qualities for which is grown are primarily the leaves and the beauty of her biggest strength. It grows very slowly, but with better viewing over time may reach 1 m height and width.

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moisture evaporation   air humidity   decorative flowers   garden soil   type plants   
Category: Palms

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moisture evaporation   air humidity   decorative flowers   garden soil   type plants   

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