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Should men be donated flowers?

Category: Flowers and Women

06 Nov : 17:07

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ab18396.jpgHave you for the enthusiasm with which the flowers are seen and glow, causing the face of women? Any woman would be jealous of another, if you meet with a huge bouquet of flowers or just one rose, or any other flower. Fewer men donated flowers! Indeed, except 14 February, 8 March and the birthday when the flowers are donated by tradition and partly by debt, there are fewer cases in which men know to surprise with their favorite flower.

Men forget that a huge bouquet of roses or tulips can do more work than any other gift? Besides beauty, the flowers are and symbolism. It is assumed that this is impractical, but most women just pay attention to the symbolism of the relationship.

As stupid and prosaic you think to give money to one rose, if it occurs with a flower in front of his girlfriend without it to have a holiday, we will rejoice more than you can imagine. Alertness is the key to the heart of the ladies, but the flower is one of the most beautiful and touching gestures.

If you do not fall for the traditional red roses can surprise your mate with another flower - it is even more original. Fascinating example tsimbidiumi dendrobiumi or which are variations on the familiar orchid. They are extremely beautiful, but at moderate room temperature and are durable. It also can be lilium, cutters, or a mix of several types of flowers.

Tips for Men
Be spontaneous
No need to wait a moment to give away flowers. In fact, flowers given without any other reason than "I was thinking about you today" mean much more because they are unexpected.

Do not neglect any woman
A bouquet can express many emotions - from romance to friendship, and something in between. Your favorite would be very glad to receive a surprise bouquet of flowers. Also, your mother, daughter and sister.

Understand the meaning of flowers
Women interested in the wide variety of flowers and colors. So when you decide to gift flowers, consider what kind of be with what color - pink, peach, white, red or another color to attract her attention.

Get more for your money color
The prices of some flowers vary seasonally. Roses for example are much better choice (from a financial standpoint) for the summer months. In winter, mixed bouquets may be more advantageous.

Flowers are never boring
Because of its infinite diversity and unique appeal, flowers never lose their specialty. Each new color arrangement is fresh and individual declaration of appreciation - which reflects positively on your imagination and attention.

Not necessarily mean tying flowers
Relax, guys! Women know when bouquet simply means that you care.

One gift flowers have a long way in memory of women
Every woman remembers the last time you received flowers?

Can not you express your feelings in words?
Use flowers. Let your feelings be expressed through a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Women love flowers
Whether you care or not, the average woman knows so much about the types of flowers as the average male - for brands cars. And as a man will sit from time to time and dreams of sports cars, and how someday you'll buy one, women will also sit a while and you'll dream of roses ... and how he would buy them some day.
Desire does not stop here, but if you want, believe, because there is another, which is probably the most important thing for women and least understood by men with regard to flowers. Besides your attention and flowers themselves, women certainly love their bouquet to be served. Best time? When you do not expect it!

Why is it better to sendest flowers?
Send flowers to a woman is one of the few true romantic and described practices are still present in our culture. This action is on par with buying jewelry for her, or spending the weekend in Hawaii. As you will see themselves, however, given to the flowers is the cheapest option of these practices.

Send flowers as a woman, you run the three key longing that most women have in one respect: it is loved, she is beautiful and the people around her think the same. What makes the donation of flowers so valuable?

The answer is serving / vision

When you send a woman flowers, there is usually other women who noticed. For a start, each woman about 500 steps will notice it immediately when it flowers be sent. At this point, the woman at the center of attention, and others began whispering how lucky you is how great you must - the man who sent them to her and how happy you must be together.

The next step is for the woman to talk to every person who knows and has seen the event, and to tell them. Her friends, her mother - they all will know the case within 24 hours of your gesture. They will also jealous of how great it is to your relationship.

Finally, there are always some benefits of sending flowers to a woman who would feel as a result, in the form of a chain reaction of events in her life benefits vary according to the people. Take care of it, be inventive and spontaneous, and you will be rewarded.

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Category: Flowers and Women

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bouquet of roses   bouquet of flowers   favorite flower   gift flowers   types of flowers   

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