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Stephanotis floribunda

Category: Decorative flowering

25 Oct : 09:35

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stephanotis-floribunda.jpg Stephanotis_(Madagascar_jasmine).jpg Stephanotis_floribunda.jpg Stephanotis_floribunda01.jpg Stephanotis_floribunda03.jpg Stephanotis_floribunda1.jpg Stephanotis_floribunda2.jpg Stephanotis_floribunda3.jpg Stephanotis_floribunda3L__Marie.jpg
stephanotis_floribunda3.jpgThe leaves are evergreen, leather, dark and very thick. They are elongated oval located opposite long to 7.10 cm and 4.5 cm wide with good good care cover small, but strong and durable winding stem. Flowers are relatively large, gathered in the magnificent inflorescences, white, very fragrant. Since the stem is growing very fast, but thin, not necessarily in need of support. Through it can be given different forms of the plant.

Stefanotisat (Stephanotis) is a flower that will not disappoint. Even in a period when not flowering, ornamental stefanotisat enough.

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stephanotis floribunda   garden soil   chlorosis   insecticides   lice   
Category: Decorative flowering

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stephanotis floribunda   garden soil   chlorosis   insecticides   lice   

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