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How to succeed the flowers in the house

Category: Flowers and Women

10 Oct : 15:58

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fsh2.jpgFlowers and plants in your home not just a decor. According to Feng Shui, they absorb the negatives brought to you from outside, creating an atmosphere of coziness and order.

Living plants appear powerful source Qi - life force, which fills all alive with energy. Upstanding man has good chi, a weak or sick - sick. To stimulate it, you can successfully use the plants and the laws of Feng Shui.

In creating color combinations use plants that require similar growing conditions. It is not good to combine fast-growing plants with a slow, first because it will disturb the growth of the latter.

The selection of plants should take into account the shape of their leaves.

Jan contain very sharp - the personification of the male leads and Qi energy to move quickly.

Round sheets reflect the qualities of yin - the female principle. Therefore, where such a flower stand, Qi flows slowly.

The harmonious combination of these two basis is a guarantee for prosperity at home.

Color gamut of colors also strongly affects the stimulation of Qi energy.

The red color in the southern part of the room will enhance the emotional background and will help your social life. Plant flowers with blue colors in the northern corner and make a white.

To implement its plans to help with its shades of green, placed in the east, so this color is associated with growth and development.

Romantic relationships reinforce the white colors of flowers placed in the western part of the room.

Place three healthy new plants in your kitchen, they will bring fresh Qi, which will lead both to improve your health and increase your wealth.

Place the fresh cut flowers in the bedroom, they will bring fresh energy into your relationship with your partner. Flowers add and good luck in your life. Change the flowers begin as soon fades.

To help children be more healthy or to restore them from a disease, we strongly recommend the use of green plants.

Put an odd number (3,5 and 9 are a good number) of life, newly purchased green plants in the child's bedroom with the intention of children to be healed and healthy.

When you have the impression that you can not focus and you're mentally tired, improve the circulation of Qi by inserting a large plant in a pot near the door in the office where she works.

Avoid placing cactuses and other "thistle" in the southwestern part, because this is the area of human relations.

The compositions of the dried leaves virtually no homes on the balance of energy in your home. Head - be sure to download them from dust, not to gather around the energy of stagnation. It makes people relaxed and apathetic, they do not enough power, their soul is missing.

And do not bring artificial flowers at home. From the perspective of the Chinese tradition, they have no positive effect. So they make wreaths on the graves.

So with great care to treat the flowers to have health, happiness and success in your home.

partner flowers   fresh cut flowers   color gamut   female principle   shades of green   
Category: Flowers and Women

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partner flowers   fresh cut flowers   color gamut   female principle   shades of green   

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