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Florists and their zodiac signs

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18 Oct : 10:10

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zodiac-flowers.jpgIndoor flower lovers often complain that some plants do not grow well in their home. Even when they are very carefully take care of them, can not return them to the original good condition and good appearance. Occasionally, plants suffer, attacking them from pests and diseases that fail to win and the most efficient means. For this there are several reasons but one of them is related to the characteristics of people born under different signs of the zodiac.

As a rule, people born under the sign of Scorpio, for instance, complain that the plants they produce, are often attacked by insect pests, calves are often frustrated that their flowers grow very slowly and the flowers and plants in bloom and the twins difficult to tie fruit . Experience shows that problems of Florists born under the same zodiac sign are very similar.

Namely certain features of our personalities and energy of our zodiacal sign create favorable conditions for pests that attack our plants help too pervasive growth or prevent the flowers bloom. Anyone can become a good amateur florist, but it is useful to know the most likely problems that may occur in growing its green animals and the secrets of Horticulture by Zodiac.

Florists lovers born under the sign of Aries may be confronted with the problem - fast drying of the soil in which grow their flowers and as a result - dry plants. Although the fire element includes three characters, the ram is the hottest of them. His warm nature, the internal temperature and impulsivity absorb moisture from plants, for which he cares. To remain healthy, your plants need them more thoroughly than the recommended watering guides.

When tsvetyatya care for their calves must not forget their sense of measure. Taurus is the sign and its economical plants may suffer from excessive prenatoryavane too strong lighting or watering. Plants assigned to Taurus are governed by the laws of economy in everything, so they will feel better in a shortage of nutrients, does not make sense to ankles with different fertilizers. Fueling and watering your plants, always observe the instructions do not raise the dose of nutrients, even less reduce them, not to nourish the flowers in winter and summer protect them from excessive sunlight.

Plants, which take care of the twins can grow very quickly, drawing out upwards, but sideways. This is related to the fact that twins are a sign of communication and movement. This sign is also responsible for the metabolism. The rapid growth of the flowers is beneficial for indoor plants, but their intensive growth accelerates metabolism and their frequent feeding is necessary. If you do not want to see how their green accepted withdraw up and die from exhaustion, feeding them more often with various food mixtures. The twins are an air sign, which largely reflects the essence of this element. Therefore, plants grown from Gemini, feel good in a room with the fresh air. Frequent fertilization and fresh air - these are two secrets to success florists Twins.

Florists lovers often born under the sign of Cancer complain that their crops died suddenly in his prime. Cancer is a water flow and as a rule, their cause flowers to fall ill and die is most often preuvlazhnyavaneto soil or too damp air. Often green pet to suffer from Cancer of root rot caused by such preuvlazhnyavane soil. Not filling with water so abundant flowers, especially in winter, allowing the soil in pots to pozasahne, then your problems in the cultivation of the plants will be much less.

Plants for which takes care of the lion, regardless of their zodiac sign, need stronger lighting. Manage this sun sign, which makes the sign of light and love. Your plants will feel wonderful if you help them to enjoy the light by setting them to the most holy place in the room and provide them with additional lighting. It is known that plants feel better if the person who cares for them, not formally approached to their needs and talk with them. Most benefit from conversations with plants would receive the lion say. Born under the sign of love, Leo lyubitelyat florist should appear. Its flowers and words, and actions that he loves.

Our earth is a sign you need to make Devin dealing with flowers every effort caring for plants. To feel good tsvetyatya keeping Virgo, it has to circumvent them with care, to serve them. Devin For there is no universal advice that if she follows her to ensure strong and beautiful plants. Its plants should feel that they care. Water regularly, wipe the dust from the leaves, do not leave flowers for a long time to suffer in too small pots, cut dry leaves, bound winding stems, be a nanny for their pets and then they will not suffer.

Florists born under the sign of the scales, if you want to see their strengths and strong flowers, it is useful to know that they need less fertilizer than as of a beautiful pot and regular care for their appearance. Scales are a sign-Este, a sign that seek harmony and any plants grown man born under this sign, they will be healthy if their leaves are always washed and neatly trimmed branches. Of course, that was to be watered, fertilized and indoor plants, but the scales will have a beautiful garden using less fertilizer on a regular basis, as if they control the aesthetic appearance of your plants. Turn more often with the flower pot, not to izgarbva it, striving toward the light, remove the dried leaves and flowers pretsaftelite to spoil its appearance, flamboyant pruning plants, giving the crown a beautiful shape.

Scorpions, fond of indoor flowers, often resent the invasion of any insect pests in their garden. Such is the nature of the Scorpion, which attracts dangerous disease-causing parasites. Scorpion is the only sign, originally possessing poison. Not necessarily the representatives of this sign have a nasty poison in nature, but they have potentially poisonous energy. Council to florists, born under the sign of Scorpio, it is more active energy. Council to florists, born under the sign of Scorpio, it is in active use means of protection and pest control, prophylactic to spray plants with insecticide in the soil to add wood ash to repel pripalzyavashtite harmful to their flowers.

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius and want to grow a nice garden with indoor plants, place them away from windows. Gunslinger continually seeking far and the plants are having the custody of the representatives of this sign will be very purposeful, strong will to pull even in winter, when their activity is lower. Gunslinger is a fiery character and regardless of character to any concerns the plant for which he cares, he will need throughout the year from light and heat. Farther from the light source to have your flowers, the more strongly and rapidly they will stretch out the window. This can exhaust them, so place them as close as possible to the window, or highlight them further.

Capricorn represents the earth element, but his land was crystallized and became a rock, so the main problems in the cultivation of indoor plants will be linked to insufficient mold. Your flowers can grow sick and too poor for soil compaction. To have success in growing your flowers, add in pots of sand and peat to make it more friable soil, drainage and do more often loosen the top layer of soil in pots.

Aquarius Florist must rely more on "miracle", the "light hand" rather than fertilizer and recommendations of professional botanists. Aquarius is the sign of the surprises, so it is impossible to predict what problems he will face in growing their flowers. It must always be alert, because its plants can get sick suddenly. But the air element of the sign, however, suggests something: all plants grown Aquarius over fear, over the cold room at high temperatures can be fatal for them.

Fish - the last sign of the zodiac, a sign of wisdom, spirituality, divinity. All plants that would cultivate representatives of this sign will be sensitive to the level of their spiritual master. Fish are the furthest away from the vanity of the material world, so in their home indoor plants can live for a long time without being fertilized and almost without watering. They need more is the spiritual food. To flourish home garden can make a dedication, to watering the flowers with water and lit up when you communicate with them, forget their daily physical care.

In collective otzhlezhdane of flowers, the energy flows are different, as the people who care for them. To achieve good results as a whole, must combine the secrets of success in Horticulture for different characters who are born into these people. Sometimes, however, when these secrets are mutually exclusive, as in the case of Taurus and Gemini is very difficult to grow strong plants.

Experienced Florists know that indoor plants acclimate to its owner, a way to communicate and care. Entrusted to another person, the plants can easily become infected or even die. Linked with this is that they fall into a shock state, receiving a new patron, and with this new energy that is poured on it and not reach its usual energy and communication, to which the plant is accustomed. So do not be surprised and do not blame the man in whose care you have left flowers during summer vacation. Even if you have looked after the most deliberate about them, returning from vacation, it is highly possible to find them in an unenviable position. The reason is not lack of care.

Indoor plants can cure the soul and body, they harmonize the atmosphere in our home, but this help ourselves, with respect to its plants, helping them to improve our lives. Therefore, to raise a healthy and strong plant able to deliver us from evil spirits and diseases and helps to cleaner air in our home, and it should look after ourselves.

Each plant and each person requires an individual approach. Described here the secrets of success in growing flowers to room, not quite everything you need to have pretty flowers, but you can be helpful.

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Category: Flowers and Women

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