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17 Oct : 20:56

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5-4ab.jpgThe ancient Scandinavians are distributed nature of people like them likened to flowers. They divide people into 36 zodiac signs in their zodiac color.


1.10 January
They are stubborn and pedantic hora.Izklyuchitelni professionals, you know how you can use to their advantage, even the shortcomings and deficiencies si.Vie stream security and gain confidence vsichki.Imate many friends who are happy you love pomagat.V suitable partner for you would be Violet gentle and caring Lale.Za business partners in select representatives of the White mistletoe, which you promote.


January 11-20
You are sane and inteligentni.Praktichni but calculating.
Reasonably assess the risks that may be charged.
You have strict character and it repels many people, but you've srogi to myself, what makes you searched for spetsialisti.Chudesni lovers are Violet, Lily of the Valley and dandelion. Shipka and jasmine are perfect business partners for you.


January 21-31
You are very practical minded people.
In their profession have a very high standard, but you and erratic. However, always achieve your goals.
You have an irresistible charm that will open doors navsyakade.Shtedri you to the extreme, allowing you to use.
Your best friends are your Parichkata.Slanchogledat orchids and is an excellent business partner and a stable family with neukrotima countries will have to Azalia.


1.10 February
You are very unstable person.
So in your life at any price you must have someone to support you.
Their job performances, you can run successfully only with the help of solid friendships.
Wonderful friends you have cloves and Gladiola.
Business partner, you may be rational and Edelweiss Amarilis.
Your search for true love among the representatives of Lilia sign.


February 11-19
Forever in a good mood, you're excellent tvortsi.Vashiyat optimism is contagious and is transmitted to every search company okolnite.Zatova vi.Loshoto you that you are too superstitious people and sometimes you easily prechi.Stapisvate need to trudnostite.Imate little impetus to spravite.Vashi true friends are and Gerber Lotosat.Istinskata you love orchids.


February 20-29
Your strong intuition telepatiya.Tya borders will never let you down and you always trust your sense si.Lyubovta difficult and tides. Everything depends on your mood and it is difficult to keep to myself partnyor.V permanent business sign beware of Brian, they can mislead you. Only iris can keep your love forever with him, because it will never let you be bored.


1.10 March
Your very strong imagination drives you to have continuous promeni.Nepostoyanni and work in the interests and love si.Tova is because you are very sensitive and easily naranimi.Pazete of orchid because it is too cruel for vas.Semeystvo you can create with Narcissus, Kamelia Perunika, they will create all conditions to feel happy and satisfied.


March 11-20
Simple-minded, modest and quiet people, you wanted priyateli.Vseki would like to be in your company because you are quiet and emit uravnovesenost.Vie are excellent artists, but you rather hobi.Predpochitate work will materialno.Dobre secure is to have a colleague Narcissus, whom you will always be doverite.Intimniti seek partners from among the representatives of Jasmine and Margarita.


March 21-31
You are exceptional finansist.Vie are very ambitious and talented person, and often rose to the top in the profession looking for love vi.V security and stability and peace pokoy.Tezi claims will make casual partner, but it will be until you find your ideal half . you are great friends and Gardeniyata Karamfilat.Vashata great love for you will find beautiful and passionate Sunflower Gergina.


1.10 April
You are people who easily achieve success in zhivota.Srachni, calculating and conservative, you're tough life partner. Deal with any problems before vas.Talantlivi you, but your mood is changing in a few minuti.V looking for love and passion will give you pokorstvo.Gladiolata passion, but it is very aggressive and you would not be dopadne.Potarsete partner among sunflower or zinnia.


April 11-20
You are charged with extreme energiya.Vie are educated, generous, always willing to help people who need tova.Zavladyavate everything around him with incredible charm and obayanie.Vie contact you easily and will succeed in your zhivota.Shtastieto sapatstva.Shte succeed in professions in which contact is needed are good horata.Vie polititsi.Vashite most appropriate partners are water lilies and Gladiola.


April 21-30
You have the power harakter.Izdarzhate of any tests and have many priyateli.Vie tend to creativity, but rather present themselves in the public sector. In love you are looking for perseverance and peace. Never underestimate razvlechenyata and love to entertain. Your ideal partner is sensitive and delicate representatives sign Mimosa, Violet and Margaret.


1.10 May
You are strong men full of energy and idei.Vashite opinions and solutions are the most rational and many of your loved ones people often seek advice from your vas.Kolegite respect because izpalnitelni.Prisposobyavate strict and easily to any usloviya.V lyubovsta you are very happy, but the biggest minus is painful revnost.Shipka you, Margarita, geranium and Lotus will bring a happy marriage.

Lily of the Valley

May 11-21
You are very honest and open hora.Imate high ambitions and enough strength to get them osashtestvite.Tezi your qualities make you an excellent worker and you can succeed in any field of zhivota.Vodnata lily and cutters will burn your house are lush strast.Te suitable for marriage, because they are romantic and betrayed by nezhni.Bihte Gergina because you natura.Tova draws its power can only be a short vehemence.


May 21-31
These are charismatic and talented people dedicated to the art and appreciate all the requirements and vazvisheno.Krasivoto is most valuable for vas.Vapreki that you have incredible tenacity in working si.Otkriti you and that you establish good relations in society that always come to izpolzvate.Shtastliv marriage may have with zinnia and gladioli, and intelligence of Tulip gives great friend.


1.10 June
You are human conflict, because we always argue to the fore their own "I". That you won a lot of enemies, but not always noticed because compensate with charm and you feel obayanie.Vsichki kompanyoni.Slanchogledat interesting, and Gerber Zyumbyulat promise you happy brak.Kam other zodiac signs do not look, because you will be tempted to use them without their love.


June 11-20
These are permanent, tenacious and ambitious people who dedicate their lives to science and nepoznatoto.Tyahnata sensitive soul often in crisis and despair over insurmountable difficulties, but strong character quickly overcome tova.Azaliyata can be your loyal assistant, with whom to share their scientific vizhdaniya.Chuvstvenata erotics will get you the dandelion.


June 21-30
You often give advice to them as okolnite.Napatstvate demonstrate wisdom and razbirane.Ne can only help him si.Vie nereshitelni.Strahuvate you not to make a mistake and you neuvereni.Obichate beauty and izyashtestvoto.Imate priyateli.Privlichat you very strange people are willing to enter into marriage with Jasmine or tulips. This will satisfy.


1.10 July
Courage and energy to help make each of its gleaming hrumvane.Spohozhdat your ideas and you have the necessary capacity to make them work osashtestvite.Kam treat with such a desire and enthusiasm that carried away with them all you si.Vie great leader and vazhishtavat.Otlichen all your friend is your violets, which you can share vsichko.Istinskata love comes when we meet Brian.


July 11-20
You easily adapt to all situatsii.Kontaktni and people are open and easily create your priyatelstva.Privlichat permanent occupation, which is in ratsete.Mnogo nuzhnda skills will have higher success and financial oblast.Lesno achieve your goals and stand out above drugite.Kameliyata and Violet give you with passion and understanding, with mistletoe and White mimosa create short links


July 21-31
You are decisive and permanent hora.Dobre feel only when you are working with many people around si.Ne do you pay much vnimanie.Otlichen colleague could be Lyuticheto.Vliyatelni friends that help you be exalted in the hierarchy and are Gergina Zdravets.Nezhnost and variety in your love bestows dandelion, and you are looking for just that.


1.10 August
Honesty and charm attract people around you vas.Vie have great success in obshtestvoto.Umeete to choose for friends, only people who can be your polezni.Vie are many practical difficulties talantlivi.Nikoya can not crush you and stop you . You may be flirting with hydrangea and Gerber, but true love will only bring it Azaliyata.Samo you can rekindle.


August 11-20
In the professional attitude you possess extremely high ambition and strong will to realizatsiya.Zvezdite and give you exclusive chance from which to vazpolzvate.Vie lideri.V wonderful love you too want to dominate and therefore most suitable for you are people who will leaving them to conquer and water readily sartse.Orhideyata, Rose ше Margaritata and make your life happy.


August 21-31
You are fully committed to their desire for intellectual connections and zanimaniya.Vinagi will run over to help and will do everything possible to podkprepite friends si.Mrazite collective activities, because you'd like to be noticed and you're edinstveni.Obichate hvalyat.Orhideyata , Buttercup and cutters give you a strong passion and high intellectual content of your relationship.

Water lily

1.10 September
Gain confidence and have a lasting priyatelstva.Vie are practical people, but many rely on intuition si.Tova gives much greater emphasis on creative work vi.Obichate rabota.Otlichno will collaborate with tuberose and Lyulyaka.V love have happy moments and disappointments. zinnia, Lily and Violet Tear are your lucky chance.


11-20 September
Wise and very ambitious, you are constantly looking for new field izyava.V work are devoted entirely to problems and tasks to be solved, but dedicate their free time only to themselves.
You are too trusting and easily you izlazhat.Vyarnost and devotion will give you Amaralisat and passionate nights and secret feelings you associate with Peony or Carnation.


21-30 September
You are casual, but very charming chovek.Zavladyavate everyone around you si.Zatova friendships are perishable, but mnogo.Mnogo know better price and always succeed, as the benefits si.V contrast with Narcissa you come to create only love looking for lasting romance priyatelstvo.V, razvelcheniya and joy that can make dandelion and iris.


1.10 October
You are beautiful, but very secretive hora.Nikoy not know what you think and what chuvstvate.Chudesno work in the field of fashion, which helps your sophistication and vkus.Ne undertake risky ventures, because it can postradate.Izklyuchitelno people are proud, which is an obstacle in your contacts with ostanalite.Idealnite partners in life and you have Lotus Azalia.


October 11-20
Whims and volatile, but original and praktichni.Vie are very proud and willing to beat drugite.Tova often interfere with your contacts kolegite.Mnogo strongly attracted mimosa, but it is also unstable and the connection will be netrayna.Chudesni Your friends and Edelweiss Lotos.Nyama to resist the charm of the Cutters strong and will create an excellent affair.


October 21-30
Very often you hora.Zaemate are sometimes inconsistent with one, sometimes with drugo.Trudno will find the area in which to establish trayno.Sdarzhani and you never show your feelings si.Imate strong character and love to love looking calm vlastvate.V and Margarita tishinata.Otstapchivata prilaskae you can tame nature and will be vi.Netrayni your links with Gardenia and Lily of the Valley.


1.10 November
Very sharp mind and strong ambition - these are qualities that draw you to varha.S anything to pinch, you invest all his zeal and achieve the objective that you nabelyazali.Mozhe prevent you from over-you only need to gordost.Shte has done a lot effort if you want to preodoleete.V looking for love friendship and trust, it can offer water lilies.


November 11-20
You are more aggressive rock edge with a strong will and inat.Kogato before you was given the task, you deploy these qualities and do strictly vsichko.Postigate success, although its path may premazhete some gentle tsvete.V looking for love strast.Mozhete tenderness and to receive them from Temenuzhkata.Mimozata will try to obey you and your relationship will be fragile.


November 21-30
You are smart, but painfully straightforward hora.Ne you know how to subterfuge and be diplomatichni.Tova provides you as friends and vragove.Nyama problem so that you can not stealth targovtsi.Sklonni reshite.Vie you are to cheat and many priklyucheniya.Tezi qualities you love can endure and sunflower Gardeniyata.Pri a relationship with Daisy sensitive risk to injure yourself.


1.10 December
You are brave, hard and durable and ambitsiozni.Mnogo uporiti.Nikoga not predavate.Nito one defeat in life you can not spre.Vashite organizational capabilities can benefit horata.Vie will defend their ideas and achieve your goals si.Otlichni followers will be hard Zhasminat.Vashiyat zinnia and nature will melt in the arms of Gardeniyata.


December 11-20
Dreaming about traveling, changes, novelties. Cheats unknown and you have your secret nevidyanoto.Nerazkritite hobi.Patuvaniyata entertainment are the greatest pleasure in life vi.Iskate palnotsenno.Zhivotat to experience everything with you is an endless praznik.Chudesen partner you will be sunny and beautiful Daisy Gergina. Strong Perunika will try to conquer you, but you can not afford.

Viscum album
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December 21-31
Patient, gentle and stubborn people ste.S help of these qualities make all your mechti.Mekiya your temper and attracts many friends around you always have people who want to love you pomognat.V not know what you iskate.Privlicha delicate Margarita, but you want to be courageous and Perunika.Pazete from the hips, because it would bring only disappointment in your life.

lily of the valley   zodiac signs   gain confidence   irresistible charm   unstable person   
Category: Flowers and Women

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lily of the valley   zodiac signs   gain confidence   irresistible charm   unstable person   

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