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ROOM Flowers and Feng Shui

Category: Flowers and Women

10 Oct : 15:53

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fsh1.gifIn recent emphasis on feng shui is very popular. Thoroughly displaced beds and wardrobes, buy your wind bells and mirrors, hanging them in her home, hoping to change their lives for the better. Even if such crazes you are foreign, it is never redundant to seek rational grain in this study. Moreover, when it comes to flowers, most of the nurses we can not remain indifferent. And also joy for the eyes and soul, some of the most popular indoor flowers can help us to discover unexpected personality traits in harakatera you.

Geranium, azalea, begonia help to achieve personal success and weathered character. Mushkatoto softens the aggressive energy, anger, and helps develop a sense of humor, but it is always useful in any communication.

Azalia is required of those who are afraid to engage in responsible work. Influencing the human subconscious, the plant will increase its sense of confidence. Begonia harmonize communication does not allow the conversation to become talkee, donated to the slow, tough-minded people speed and wits.

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indoor flowers   wind bells   aggressive energy   personality traits   responsible work   
Category: Flowers and Women

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indoor flowers   wind bells   aggressive energy   personality traits   responsible work   

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