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How to succeed the flowers in the house

Category: Flowers and Women

10 Oct : 15:58

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fsh2.jpgFlowers and plants in your home not just a decor. According to Feng Shui, they absorb the negatives brought to you from outside, creating an atmosphere of coziness and order.

Living plants appear powerful source Qi - life force, which fills all alive with energy. Upstanding man has good chi, a weak or sick - sick. To stimulate it, you can successfully use the plants and the laws of Feng Shui.

In creating color combinations use plants that require similar growing conditions. It is not good to combine fast-growing plants with a slow, first because it will disturb the growth of the latter.

The selection of plants should take into account the shape of their leaves.

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partner flowers   fresh cut flowers   color gamut   female principle   shades of green   
Category: Flowers and Women

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partner flowers   fresh cut flowers   color gamut   female principle   shades of green   

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