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Feng Shui in the bedroom

Category: Flowers and Women

20 Oct : 13:32

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fsh.jpgTo make sure that every family member has his personal space at home, you can use these Feng Shui tips for designers.

Sleeping should be possible away from the door to people they feel more comfortable and secure.

Rest room must be cleared of any unnecessary items - desks, gymnastic equipment and dtugi things that are associated with some activity.

Bed must be covered when not in use.

It should not be directly against the door and a window. This creates anxiety and tension.

The bedroom furniture and avoid objects with sharp edges. They pose a hazard.

Belongings stored under the bed will get you trouble at night.

The bedroom of the parents must be big and spacious, but in any case not cold and uninviting.

To create it in a calm and serene atmosphere use warm colors, romantic music, aromatic candles and linen, which flatter the senses.

In the room the children put a few family photos, so kids can feel safe and secure.

To your child falls asleep easily, use for decorating warm pastel colors instead of bright blue, red and yellow.

If your child sleeping peacefully in a mirror room, cover it at night.

If the room is used by two children, let each of them has its own corner - drawers, table, chair. Thus, children will grow in understanding and agreement and will respect the privacy of others.

If you have a guest room, furnished it comfortably and beautifully, and the rest of the house.

Do not allow this room to become a warehouse for lumber.

Leave the door open, often get inside and ventilation.

feng shui tips   aromatic candles   serene atmosphere   mirror room   warm colors   
Category: Flowers and Women

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feng shui tips   aromatic candles   serene atmosphere   mirror room   warm colors   

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