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Category: Decorative flowering

02 Aug : 18:44

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20041115-008-callistemonFlower.jpg callistemon-citrinus.jpg callistemon1.JPG Callistemon_citrinus.jpg

callistemon_citrinus3.jpgEvergreen leaves are hard lantsetovidni 7 centimeters in length. Kalistemonat grow relatively rapidly in a large bowl and reaches a height of Park. Commercially available with different types of height. Magical colors with long red stamens are usually located around the branches in the form of a brush to clean the bottles that make this a unique shrub.

Reaches a height of 10 cm leaves are extremely hard, leather, even thorn. Colors are durable and fall after about 2 months. After they remain solid gray pistils.

Origin: Southeastern Australia.

Mestorastene: Up to very very bright sunshine.

Substrate: Rododendronova finger.

Irrigation, fertilization: In the period of growth is watered thoroughly. Do not allow water retention and should not be watered with limewater. From May to August is fed with manure for rhododendron.

Other care: Too long shoots are cut after flowering.

Hibernation: Young plants are harvested after the first cold snap, but the old bear temperatures just below freezing. To keep bright and cool (at 5-10 ° C). Be watered every 4 weeks, but should not agglomerate dries completely. In spring transplant.

Pests, Diseases: Scale insects, if the winter too warm and dark place or in summer - the other, attacked by the mealy-bug plants. Disturbances in growth due to irrigation with a very firm and cold water.

Flowering period: June to July. Some specimens bloom twice.

Propagation: By seed or cuttings at the top-soil 20 - 25 º C. In spring cuttings are cut to length and 5 centimeters in the sand root MAH at 20 * C in the greenhouse environment.

Kalistemonat fits well to a collection of mirtovi plants (eucalyptus, various Miert, kazuarina) or Mediterranean plant. Yellowed leaves are a sign of too chalky soil.

Category: Decorative flowering

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