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Euphorbia pulcherrima

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02 Aug : 19:07

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euphorbia_pulcherrima.jpgLegandata for poinsettia: Jesus blessed flower
As a decorative flower pot, popular throughout the Christian color poinsettia was first produced in the United States. Her homeland as a bush family member of the spurge, however, is Mexico. Her appearance in the country of the Aztecs is connected with a beautiful Christmas story. On the eve of Christmas very poor girl wanted to leave a gift in front of a statue of Jesus Christ in a small Mexican town, but there was nothing. "Jesus will accept any gift where it is from my heart," his father reassured him. Then the girl raised from dried field flowers and put them to worship the statue of God's son. On Christmas Eve, blown dry in a large bouquet of red flowers as tears of blood of the Savior.

Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherima) is a shrub of the spurge family. Her homeland is Mexico. It is a traditional symbol of Christmas in America, Western Europe, but from a relatively short time in our country.

The Aztecs have used it as a therapeutic agent and to obtain the red paint. As a decorative pot plant Poinzetsiyata produced for the first time in America and has since become popular and loved throughout the Christian world.
Due to the large interest and demand, floriculture companies in the U.S., Germany and the Netherlands constantly working on new plant selections. Besides the classic red in their various shades, are commercially available Poinzetsii with white, yellow, pink and marble bracts.
In Bulgarian flower shops are mostly imported plants from the Netherlands, which bought Mass Christmas decoration of houses, offices and shops.
But many feel genuine disappointment, once placed in the home, the Christmas star was killed. Most - but stubborn managed to make the necessary care to preserve beauty and for the next season.

The leaves of the poinsettia are oval with clear-grained, with long handles. In the tops of the stems and leaves form a rosette change, which is dyed red and resembles a "star." There are varieties whose colors are pink, white, creamy-white, even green. There is a two-color options.
The actual color is a few small flowers arranged in the middle of the color jack.

Although it comes from hot country poinsettia prefers cool. Therefore we should be grown in a holy place, neogryavano directly from sunlight at a temperature of 18-20 degrees.
She does not like heating radiators, direct sunlight, over.
The best option for her is the southernmost window of a room with normal heat and humid air.
Do not hold the steam over the pot near a heater!
Outsource summer poinsettia in the garden, a balcony or other location protected from wind.

The key is to be borne in mind that develops poinsettia foliage in the summer when the day is long, but zatsaftyava in winter when the day is short.
Poinsettia be dressed with a complex fertilizer in the summer each week to develop the foliage, and every 14 days until bloom, as the cake must not contain more potassium to support the formation of colors.
The plants need sufficient light and temperatures 17 - 21 C night and 20 - 24 C during the day, depending on variety. If these temperatures are maintained until the poinsettia blossom develops large bracts (flowers are real small and nondescript, but are surrounded by bright bracts, which you call "color"), but the plants are perishable and tenderize.

End of January, is kept in a cool place (about 12 15gradusa) and pour very rarely, in late May, the stems are cut at a height of 10 to 15 centimeters. In cutting they emit colored juice with milk, which is highly poisonous. To stop the leak of the juice, the tips of the stems are scum with flame from a candle.

The plant is watered with water at room temperature when you feel with your fingers that the soil has dried. In no case should be prepoliva.
During the Christmas holidays pour a little water, keep the soil constantly moist. In summer it can be sprayed with water.

Propagation: poinsettia is propagated by rooting of green cuttings in summer peak. After roots develop, cuttings are planted in large pots not 9 - 15 cm in rich, porous soil with sufficient micronutrients, including iron is of particular importance. Planted in a pot with rich humus soil.

To preserve the colors for several weeks, the first rule is dusk to 17 - 18 hours to ensure complete darkness in the room in which pots of poinsettia, for about 14 hours. Easy to use idea is to place the plant in a cardboard box or carton. Poinzetsiyata often attacked by fungal and bacterial diseases. They take advantage of very low temperatures and excessive moisture. The most common pest belokrilkata. The only solution is to buy healthy plants to maintain good hygiene and be sprayed regularly with appropriate preparations. Often the leaves turn yellow and fall off - why can not the dry air and high temperature in the room in which the plant. It is possible that the reason is excessive watering or complete drying of the soil around the roots. Are all detrimental sharp fluctuations in temperature and weak light. Varieties that are most suitable for growing at home are Freedom, Cortez, Star and their respective Lilo and multicolored forms.

Poinzetsiyata be attacked by fungal and bacterial diseases that are best developed at low temperatures and high humidity, as well as pests, of which the most persistent and troublesome is belokrilkata. To avoid trouble, and the sad loss of plant should buy only healthy plants and hygiene is observed from the first instant after the purchase or rooting at the desired flowering plant and to undertake periodic maintenance with the preparations which are in rural pharmacies.

Category: Decorative leaf

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