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Citrus limon

Category: Exotic fruits and vegetables

17 Aug : 11:37

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citrus-limon1.jpgLemon belongs to the citrus fruit plants, which belong more to the orange, tangerine and others. These plants form buds, flowers and fruits throughout the year, but their leaves are evergreen, although to be changed in about three years. Therefore, often a lemon tree can be seen both colors, green and ripe fruit. Lemon blossom of snow-white are very pretty and have a strong odor. Lemon fruit does resemble the fruits of other fruit trees are grown in our country. If stripped of its bark, you will notice that the fruit is divided into shares. Each partition is composed of vretenoobrazni bags filled with fragrant and refreshing juice.

Lemon (Citrus × limon) is a hybrid citrus tree with a height of 5-10 m. Home of the lemon are India and Indochina, the country where it is always warm. Lemon can not live in the cold in Bulgaria is grown in pots and tubs, which are exported out only during the warmer months and are harvested when zastudee.

The colors are nezhnobeli of lemon and fragrant. Grow in abundance, but only few of them tethered fruit.

The fruit of lemon and mace, find great use in confectionery. They are used as a spice in the preparation of soft drinks - lemonade, squash and others. And in the production of various sweets and candies. Furthermore, lemon juice can successfully replace the vinegar in the preparation of salads. Is known in the culinary properties of lemon and preserve the vitamins in fruits. Because after being shelled most fruits and vegetables bake in contact with air because of oxidation to be stopped this process and preserve fresh enough to rub a lemon slice.
Due to the high fruit content of vitamin C, lemon has been widely used in the past from the beginning of the Arab and of 12 century by European sailors, because with onions was the only known cure for scurvy.
Lemon tree leaves emit volatile substances which possess the property to disinfect the air and killing many disease bacteria. Therefore, to keep lemon trees in the rooms is very useful.
Lemon is used as an ingredient in many cosmetic products for whitening and clarifying the complexion of, but also serves for cleaning aluminum articles and enter into production washing substances for cleaning copper utensils.
It is also known that the lemon can be used as invisible ink. Suffice it to write some text with lemon juice and then be served by the light of a candle, to be read.
The greatest production of lemons is in Mexico, Spain, Argentina, USA, Italy.
The heaviest lemon in the world is measured on January 8, 2003, weighing 5.265 kilograms, and was brought up by Israeli Aaron Shemoel.Rastenieto needs rich soil and an additional feeding with natural and artificial fertilizers mixed with water during the vegetation. Fertilization with organic manure occurs in vegetation, especially when the plant plododava and is shaped like a big tree. Using well-decayed, sieved through a sieve and decontaminated manure, and its quantity depends on the size of the container. Once imported about 1 kg. For this purpose, the surface soil layer izgrebva carefully and in its place put manure. Wash thoroughly. This is done once for 1 month until the autumn.

Plododava to plant, pruning is very important. It must be done from the beginning, so as to form a 3.4 vtororazredni shoot (branches) of the stem length of 20 cm and in the next pruning to leave any shoots by 2 branches of the third and fourth order with length 12 Lemon -15 cm plododava branches of the fourth order.
When viewing a good lemon will have 2 or 3 year growth momentum after each of which must be done pruning. Then only the latter form, the smallest branches, which will develop plododavashtite branches.

Lemon blossom abundantly, and if it grow decorative purposes, let all the colors. But if you want to plododava, then you must leave 3 - 4 colors located at the tip of twigs, and others (buds and open) to remove it.
Lemon prices not only because of its rich vitamin C from fruit, and that the contents of his leather fotontsidi in leaves act as a natural antibiotic and kills germs in the room where raste.Nay favorable temperature for development is between 18 lemons and 25 degrees, therefore it can not grow outdoors year round.
Recommended during the summer period can be exported to the yard, the garden under the dappled shade of a tree, lest blighted by direct sunlight.
In September when the weather starts cooling, storing it in warm, southern room and reduce watering.

Propagation: Lemon may be reproduced Seed, but it's quite a slow process - thus grown plants provide fruit until after the 10 th year. So in August, lemons can be ashladisvat of specialists.
It may pinch of lemon leaf cutting. Away from the mother plant truss at the top. Cut 1 / 3 of the edges of the leaves and directly rooted in a small container. Jar and cover the pot with plenty of Water. During the process of rooting is possible to first flowering lemon. Remove the color until the first new leaves appear.

Category: Exotic fruits and vegetables

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