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Solidago rugosa

Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

22 Aug : 09:59

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solidagob.jpgOf flowering from July to September. Lantsetni has evergreen leaves and bristly stems and leaves. Reaches about 1 meter in height.
The colors are tart flavor.
Native to North America.

People called him "the rod of St. Peter's. This medicinal plant is found in forest edge, ditches, slopes and degraded forest areas. Kichestoto covered with golden-yellow colored stars, stem reaches a height of about 80 cm Colors are collected from July to October. Be used in intestinal diseases and intestinal bleeding. Excellent as a therapeutic agent is recommended, however enchetsat primarily in kidney disease.

Many many years atraktiven shrub, forming clusters of golden-yellow colors of dense panicle.

The colors and the leaves of enchetsa act as cooling plant drains, it is recommended for kidney pains and diseases of the bladder.

Big Swiss healers, Kyuntsle pastor, says in his article about one 45-year-old man who had a severe kidney disease, which makes it worse. Eventually a kidney should be removed. The other kidney was also zagnoyasal and could not work properly. Then the man started treatment with enchets.

He mixed enchets, enyuvche dead nettle and yellow in equal parts, making his mixture of tea and drank a sip of three to four cups each day, following which his suffering completely disappeared. As he said - for 14 days.

In combination with enyuvcheto and yellow and white dead nettle, enchetsat wilt even helps in the kidneys, poor irrigation of artificial kidneys and kidney.

All of the mental turmoil man reacted in the kidneys, so after mental shock, he was by the sudden death of a close person or some other accident, the kidneys are always those who suffer most. Enchetsat has proven in practice as medicinal plant, which affects the emotional well of human life. Therefore, when disappointments and other mental stresses must drink tea enchets.

Angel of healing herbs stand next to enchetsa. We feel the balancing effect of this plant under severe psychological disturbances such as a hand that caresses and soothes us. Even the mere contemplation of nature among us enchetsa acting emollient. We should be grateful that we have to him a bearing as comfort, plant.

A moderate watering, but withstand droughts.
After pretsafti podryazva is to not spread the seed.
Should be dressed.

Grows best at - better in the sun. Prefers well-drained is sandy soil. Does not need soil rich in nutrients.

Attracts butterflies, beetles, axes. Suitable for cut flowers. Approached with Astra, rudbekiya, chrysanthemum, etc. kampanula

Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

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