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Bambusa aspera

Category: Ornamental grasses

11 Jul : 15:13

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Bamboo is a group of evergreen plant family Poaceae. Native to eastern and southern Asia, are known as more than 1600 species.

It is a fast growing plant - the record is 120 centimeters a day and reaches its height to 40 meters. Sometimes forms dense forests impassable. Used as building material for strength and material for making other dishes, souvenirs, etc. In some countries of South Asia, bamboo produces specialty paper. It is also used as a decorative plant in parkovete.Bambukat gradually gaining popularity in Bulgaria in landscaping mostly private gardens. If you want to experiment with bamboo in your garden, you should know that many bamboo species are grouped into two main groups according to the nature of the root system.

In summer the plant needs much water and you should be watering twice a week. In winter, watering is less and only when the soil surface is dry. In the period of growth from April to August, bamboo is fed every 2 weeks with special additives for complex indoor plants, otherwise the leaves turn yellow. Spring bamboo must be replanted.

Bamboo is still rarely seen in indoor compositions, but in greenhouses is highly prevalent. Likes to be a bright, breezy and well-lit rooms. Needs above all by high humidity, and therefore most suitable for cultivation are wet rooms. During the summer months may be kept outside, but even before the autumn mists must be submitted to the heat. In winter, the room temperature should not fall below 16-17 * C.

Multiplication is done by dividing the root cuttings, but there are those who flourish and fruitful. The proper season for planting bamboo is spring. Planted for him at home, take a large pot and divide the bush. Rooted in it slightly moist soil. Good soil is heavy and growing - 2 parts clay, turf, 1 part leaf, 1 part burnt manure, 1 part peat and 1 part sand.
The court, which is sown be comprehensive.

To not pozhaltee your bamboo, do not expose to direct sunlight and watch the water is not chlorinated or high fluorine content. In such a case before the flower to fly, leave the water one day to stand in open court.

Category: Ornamental grasses

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bambusa   aspera   

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