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What should I know about watering

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13 Nov : 12:38

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What should I know about watering!? Water quantity and frequency of watering depends on the specific needs of the plant and the container in which it is placed. We must also take into account time, place and season. It must be borne in mind that all plants better tolerate brief droughts than the constant watering, since water takes root in the air and they decay. Irrigation water should not contain excess lime, and is heated excessively. Most - well is watering dishes to be filled in advance and the water stays in them. If water contains more limestone is recommended suspension of peat in the bag for watering container in which water is poured, which should stand for some time. Rainwater is also recommended, unless it is of acid rain.

Flowers for the balcony and sandachetata be sprinkled on top, thus water and nutrients gradually seeped down. If you happen to zasushite color more than normal, you can immerse the pot in a bucket with water and stays there until going to stop air bubbles. Even the flowers have wilted they will recover (of course if they are dead bodily).

This can not be achieved with proper watering, because the dried root tufts strong, leak free to take. In hot days the drained water in the plate should not be poured.

When should pour more?
· In the main growing season in summer
In a large · summer heat - 2 times daily
· On the sun shine or windy sites
In · peat and clay substrates
· When the flowers are in pots of clay

When should I be watering less?
· At the beginning of the growing season in spring
· In cool, rainy weather
· When the flowers are shady places and Testament
· When the flowers are in plastic containers
· During the wintering

When should you pour?
Time depends on the irrigation season. In summer it can be watered in the morning and evening. Should not be watered at noon, when the sun is very strong must not be watered at all, because water droplets have the effect of magnifying glass and the leaves will be blighted. In winter morning watering is to enable the roots to absorb water until the evening.

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