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24 Nov : 21:45

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dendrobium.jpgThis is excellent for beginners Orchid Florists fact that one plant can blossom with many beautiful white flowers with purple-dyed edges and dark red center. There are also varieties with yellow and pink colors.
So-called "noble" orchids come from Southeast Asia and the Himalayas and grow very high altitudes. Although they are easy to care must be observed several important rules not to enjoy a rich flowering annual.

Dendrobium are among the most common orchids. They epifitni plants, which means that in the wild they grow on other plants. Because of their lifestyles have pronounced psevdolukovitsi which accumulate a reserve of water.

Most dendrobiumi prefer to be well lit, shaded if necessary only during midday hours in summer. In late summer and autumn when mature flowering Bulbourethral and released must be maximum illuminated.

Pot in bark. It is possible to use such a substrate: pine bark, charcoal, perlite, sfagnum with the addition of peat.

Irrigation: There are rights and fundamental error growing them from experienced florist.
No watering from mid November to February.
If the air is dry in the room, spraying may be 2-3 weeks. However, it is necessary once soaking the substrate in 6.7 weeks. This is required if you want to induce the plant to a new flowering. There is a very thin line between them to dry completely, and to keep them alive during this period. Described - above is necessary because their way of life in their natural habitat in Southeast Asia, where winters are cold with dry air and warm summer weather with high humidity.
In February, start watering to stimulate the development of good root system and new stems. During the period of active growth on Water 2 times per week until November.

Temperature: Older plants need 10 ° difference in temperature between day and night. Provide 15-16 ° at night and 25-30 ° during the day, and increase air circulation and humidity. At temperatures below 10 ° may drop off leaves or lose the plant.

Fertilizing: Should be submitted on a regular basis during the active period. The ideal combination is determined largely by the substrate. As a rule, use a well balanced fertilizer 10-10-10 or 12-12-12 ratio. Another important rule is to use solution, 2 times weaker than the package instructions. In winter, do not be dressed as the plant is at rest and not be watered.

Replanting: Every 2 to 3 years before the bark, which is useful to break. Replanting carefully blend at medium large by providing adequate ventilation and provided space for 2 year sprouts. Prefers to develop better in the small pots.

Love light in all seasons, but must be protected from direct sunlight as it can "singed, choking" leaves. Place them on the most holy place in your home even in winter, so they can develop their flowering stems.
Natural growth faces, without the need of supporting. The color of the stem must be olive green.

Generation. By dividing the Bulbourethral. Is it possible by cutting rooting. Bulbourethral be divided like this: long Bulbourethral with litter or drooping leaves are divided into sections with 4-5 knots. Cuttings are placed on sfagnum moss and made their makeshift greenhouse. After the appearance of roots, young plants are pot in substrate.

If you want to see the orchid bloom again remember:
No watering from mid-November to February!

Likes to DENDROBIUMAT is closely, so do not put it in big pots!
In some species young flower shoots after reaching maturity, and in others - old shoots color running for years.

Dendrobium Nobile difference with:
evergreen-type (do not lose leaves in winter).
-do not need a period of rest, do not put a cold, reduced watering, etc.
to flourish, they need 3-4 weeks with a difference between day and night temperature.
same-shoot can bloom several times.

Category: Orchids and Bromelievi

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