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The most popular flowers and their traditional meanings

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26 Nov : 21:11

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Ever since the Victorian era, people sent their messages through bouquets. We know that all their flowers have symbolic significance. And now presenting bouquet, we give away, and our message to the beloved man. With this list you can choose the most appropriate flowers for your beloved wife, girlfriend, mother, for your bridal bouquet or just if you decide to buy flowers for the home.

The most popular flowers and their traditional meanings:

Almond color - hope;
Maidenhair (often used for bouquets green decoration, like a fern) - reticence, discretion;
Violets - faithfulness and loyalty;
Willow - an eternal truth;
Veronica - devotion;
Jasmine - goodwill;
Hyacinth - beauty and charm;
Iris - cardiac affection;
Gloria - thanks;
Carnation - fascination and love;
Snowdrop - Hope;
Tulip - love;
Lilium, lily - majesty, tsarstvenost;
Lemon color - devoted love;
Lilac, white - youthful innocence;
Magnolia - perseverance;
Margarita - innocence;
Mimosa - sensitivity;
Lily of the valley - return of happiness;
Narcissus yellow - respect, esteem;
Nezabravka - true love and a sign that that person will remember you always;
Honeysuckle - generosity, magnanimity;
Fern - sincerity and charm;
Orange - purity, the symbol of virginity;
Peach - zaplenenie;
Rose, red - love;
Rose, yellow - Friendship;
Rosa, a bright-red (coral) - passion;
Rose, Peach - modesty;
Rose, dark pink - gratitude;
Rose, pale pink - grace, beauty;
Rose, Orange - charm;
Rose, white - innocence, purity;
Rosemary - a symbol that the man who gave you this bouquet with spice for decoration, they will never forget;
Violet - faithfulness
Hydrangea - pride;
Cyclamen - Modesty and shyness;
Chrysanthemum, bowel - I love you;
Chrysanthemum, white - faith;
Apple color - with the desire to place more beautiful things;
Japanese rose - beauty.

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