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23 Dec : 12:09

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freesia.jpgSouth African Princess fragrant, freesia, began to blossom in February in various colors fuse to prevail white, yellow, orange, violet, pink and red. It has come down from the high plateaus of Cape Town, South Africa and really is a flower that is not worthy of any head Krassy young princess. Wall is extremely exquisite, incredibly aromatic and kichesta. Carries the message of youth, freshness, freedom, and along with that of elegance, sophistication and gentility.

Their scent, both gentle and strong, makes them very popular quickly, though only in the late nineteenth century (1880) were transferred from South Africa into Europe.
Bear the name of a German botanist and physician Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese (1795-1876). They say that flowers are a favorite of Helena Roerich, which linked the scent of their presence with the divine in the earthly life. Unlike most other flowers, most whites do not smell cutters, a pink and red.

Growing it as an industrial culture began in the early twentieth century, but only in the 50 years freesia enters in many countries and became a favorite flower of many. At that time, very popular gift for birthday is silver vase of Tulips. Known are two types of mills, which are found mainly in South Africa. From crosses of F. refracta (described in 1816) with F. armstrongii created cultivars of F. hybrida, with much larger flowers - up to 6 cm in clusters of 10.12 cm and a height of 60-80 Choose stalks with straight stems and at least seven buds like 1-2 of them should be open. Tsvetyatya before putting in the vase, crop them with a sharp knife under water. To be more durable, water add some sugar. To open the remaining buds, remove pretsaftelite colors.

Thanks to the efforts selection now over 200 known species Tulips. Tulips are particularly popular in the Netherlands and France. Imagine all greenhouse redolent color block.

Unfortunately, however, mills are not easily grown at home. Like any princess with pedigree, she is capricious and gentle. Requires a light, permeable soil. They are suitable mixture of peat and sand or well-decayed manure. You should know that the plant does not tolerate salty and acidic soil. Acidity can be changed as in the soil mixture is placed and a little slaked lime or crushed chalk.

Router requires a light, permeable soil with large amounts of organic matter. Is suitable for growing soil mixture of peat and some sand.

Router is a very capricious to light. Polusvetli grown in well-ventilated room at 12-16 º, that the emergence of pimples is nice to increase to 18 º. Moderate watering. And if you grow freesia in your garden, it must be hidden from any direct sunlight, because the likes polusyankata. Soil should be loose and ottsedliva.

Propagation of freesia is by seed or bulbs. Clearly, the seed process is much longer and more laborious. First sown in sandacheta held at a temperature of 23-25 degrees, after the plants are sprouting dive, nourish and re-transplant. This whole process takes years.

While if we use bulbs will become much easier and much faster. The bulbs are planted in May and in August, already enjoy the first bloom seedlings. However, it is necessary regular watering and feeding. Pcs preferably be planted in pots or sandacheta because as you see, require much care and attention. Of course the best gardeners managed to grow Tulips in and out, but I personally suffered a fiasco in color tried to ambush a pack of bulbs in the garden. A whole packet of any blossomed flower. The garden is all crazy worms, and other ohlyuvcheta gadinki which do not always manage to cope, while they in turn are able to griznat something. And apparently some of them are fond of sweet bulbil. Sometimes happens that one bulbil planted in one place, and after seeing the flower blossomed in a completely different place.

But if we can not raise themselves freesia, then we can easily fix the error as you buy it and cut flowers arranged in vases appropriate. We'll smell the fresh and filled us with optimism and high spirits throughout the spring.

Category: Decorative flowering

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