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Begonia Tamaya

Category: Decorative leaf

11 Jul : 15:30

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Home of this plant is South America. There koralovocherveni color and oblong, dotted with white spots leaves. Reaches a height of 1m. Once you grow up the stem, it has not changed. Develops only the crown of the plant. Blooms throughout the year.

Moderate watering. In winter dostatachnos Amo once a week. Always wash before, make sure the soil surface is dry.

Like any other type of begonia, love light, but the temperature must be a maximum of 20 degrees. It is good to stay in one place, because if it moves, it is possible to escape its colors.

You can trim the top cuttings, up to 5 cm long and planted them directly into the soil or place them in water.

Category: Decorative leaf

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