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15 Jan : 07:43

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lilium.jpgLilium other name is "Star of the earth." Legend has it that when the falling stars touch the ground, turn into flowers. And those flowers are lilium.
In antiquity it given to the beloved wife as a sign of affection. Foreign envoys did always serving ruler this flower as a sign of obedience and good wishes.
The ancient Greeks believed that lilium appeared when the breasts of the goddess Hera mother shot a few drops of milk on the ground. Therefore, the first such flower was dyed snow.
In the Renaissance, lilium decorate any party in the palaces, and the ladies of the palace with his entourage zakichvali hair or dress.
To XIX century in Europe was known only kind of white flower. Pink and yellow were transferred later from Asia. We have nearly 90 varieties in the most amazing colors.

Lilies exist in a huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes can be grown both outdoors and at home. Some have strong preferences to the soil, others can be planted in ordinary garden soil. Bloom from mid spring to early autumn, depending on the species. Most species are excellent bouquet of flowers whose color withstands up to 8 days. Lilies include: Asiatic hybrids, Oriental hybrids, American hybrids and others.

Are known today more than 2000 hybrids of Lilium. Most of them reach altitudes greater than human stature, their colors have different forms, color (they are known only lilium blue and black) and sizes (from 2,5 to 30 cm in diameter). Clusters are formed from 6 to 20 colors trabesti length 7,5 cm. Petals are curved upward, and the bosoms of the leaves form small bulbil through which the plant can be propagated. Some species bloom in 4 weeks in June-September.

Group lilium (lilium) consists of perennial bulbs, most of which are very durable. Lilies come mainly from moderate woodlands in the northern hemisphere, which determines their intolerance to dry heat. Usually find them growing near shrubs and other plants that cast shade the roots and keep the bulbs cool and moist.

Plants are suitable for growing in beds, meadows and woodlands, and sandacheta as domestic plants. It's nice to have a good sunny spot or under light shade. The bulbs should be planted immediately after purchase in spring or autumn (preferably) in a well-drained, loose and rich organic soil components.
Plants are planted at least a step away from one another. Must be regular watering during active growth.

Caution is required when watering during the growth. We should not overdo, but should not be missed. Fertilization twice a year - in March and September. In winter, the bulbs remain in the ground. After 3 years, however, should be moved to a new location. Lilies are not grubbing, and around their trunks to put ugnil good fertilizer. The higher species is better to put supporting rods.

Lilies grow best in sunny location. They can grow easily as in the garden in a pot and placed on the terrace. Only a closed space, excluding the winter garden can not thrive. Lilium ideal place for a dappled shade, but the throwing of plants, rather than walls.

Propagation: Lilium bulb is sown, and in general the average depth. Best picks in March-April or autumn - in October-November. When planting the bottom of the pot is posipva with coarse sand, the roots extend between them and also posipva sand. The most suitable sandy soil is moderately rich in humus. It is good to add the black earth mixed with leaves. Plants were watered regularly and thoroughly and occasionally sprinkled with liquid manure.

Category: Bulbs and tubers

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