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Tamarillo, Cyphomandra betacea

Category: Exotic fruits and vegetables

25 Jan : 10:06

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cyphomandra_betacea.jpgThey call it a tomato, because of his striking resemblance to the fruits of it with the fruits of ordinary tomato. It is known also as Tamarino or tsifomandra. Their similarity is not limited to fruits. Both plants treat barboyni or potato family (Solanaceae), originating from South America. There tsifomandrata piruanskite be held by Indians. Today is cultivated in tropical areas of New Zealand, Canary Islands, Madeira and Java. In recent years, meeting on the Mediterranean, and even among us - as experienced in plant research institutes, and as exotic - many fans. In our climatic conditions grows as a container plant indoors. Planted in large pots. Lasts up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit or 3 degrees Celsius. It is an extremely rapidly developing plant, shrub or tree. Reaches a height of 20 feet.

Requires lots of water and good drainage (retention of water will kill the plant just a few days), wide room with southern exposure and light. In summer the plants will be exported on the terrace or in the garden outdoors. Protected from the wind loves the place because the branches are brittle and colors can be lifted.

Plant summer blooming times, as the colors spread like a nice lemon fragrance. They are small and have ornamental value. Crown throughout the year is busy with both newly formed plodcheta naedreli with green and ripens to a different phase so that you always have ready to eat. Tsifomandrata reached impressive size thanks to its characteristic luxuriance. Many are original heart-leaves that resemble the leaves of sunflower. Up to 25 cm long and 20 cm wide, and maybe more. The mass flowering is in May. Then gradually decreases, but continues throughout the year, and in the air always feels pleasant perfume scent. Certainly the most interesting are the fruit unless they are decorative, they are also very delicious. Because of its sweetness, they rather resemble a fruit tree fruit, not vegetable. Consumed fresh or processed. When consumed fresh, the fruit is cut in half and carved with a spoon without defect. The fruits contain vitamin A, vitamin C and are rich in vitamin E and iron. Are oblong in shape, long to 5-6 centimeters. A weight reaches 80-100 g mass begins to ripen in October. Salad of them is typical of Bulgarian cuisine, because malt and a slight perfume flavor. Rather they can prepare jams, marmalades and jams with a minimum amount of sugar without flavoring and spices.

Propagation - usually by seed, but it is possible and vegetative. You can take seeds from ripe fruit well. Seeds and seedlings grow rapidly usually shows very robust growth. Germination time as keeping room temperature, is not especially important. Seeds germinate in greenhouses, usually early in the spring as a simple tomato, at 22-25 degrees Celsius. Sprout within 3-4 weeks. After a month dive potted plants in golemichki. And for the season you may need to be transferred into larger pots several times. And the last transfer the court must have a diameter not less than 50-60 cm and depth 70. Many stay in beautiful wooden pots, like barrels. Plants derived from seed starting to bloom earlier than after 18-20 months. Tsifomandrata easily propagated and vegetatively. Cutting should have at least 3-4 leaves. It is better to remove the greater part of the leaf lamina. To reduce the vapor space. Stecklings quickly to root in water, which does not change, but make up. Roots appear for 15-20 days, depending on temperature. Valuable in this way is that the plant zatsaftyava very first year.

Care - like rich organic matter fertilizer-soil mixture. Water regularly and moderately. In 2 weeks in irrigation water leaching less manure. If you add in a pot of burnt leaflet deciduous forest species. You can also use chemical fertilizers rastvoreni water, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, or liquid fertilizers for potted species. Tamarino is strongly attacked by the aphids' belokrilka. Can be used by agroapteka insecticide or environmental methods - a potion of dried stems and flowers of hellebore. The effect was higher when the color of tea is a light brown. Other means tested cigarette is water.

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Category: Exotic fruits and vegetables

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