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Albizzia Durazz

Category: Deciduous trees and shrubs

08 Feb : 13:40

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albizia_julibrissin.jpgAlbizia (Albizia julibrissin), also known as "silk tree" is a species of the genus Albizia. Originates from Southeast Asia and is widespread in China, Korea and Iran. Be grown in almost all states of the United States, where it is well seasoned and used as a decorative form. The plant is often called "sleeping tree" because its leaves at night to sleep in a closed position. At a height can reach up to 12 m. The bark is sage. The leaves have a length between 20 and 45 centimeters wide and 12-25 cm Colors are very beautiful, light-pink of nasitenocherveni to serve as food for bees, butterflies and some birds.

In our meeting is on the Black Sea, near Plovdiv, Sandanski, Stara Zagora and other southern parts of the country. Individual plants can be seen in the northern areas, but there they are suffering from lower temperatures, as Albizia withstand up to about -16 degrees.

Grows easily and can see it in almost every yard of the coastal houses where many imported exotics, typical for warmer regions near moreto.Namira application as a stand or alley soliter. Prices are very beautiful because of the shape of its crown, its bright foliage and unique stamens.

Period of flowering: flowers from late June to September.

Origin: sub-tropical Asia, from Iran to Japan, Abyssinia, Central China.

Mestorastene: Sunny and hot. The hot dry summer and autumn favor the formation of tree trunk, which is a prerequisite for flowering next year.

Substrate: Mixture of optimal finger or 2 and TKS little garden soil.

Irrigation, fertilization: In the summer maintain evenly moist. By the end of July is natoryava each week.

Other care: Remove the side shoots to apologize to a beautiful crown.

Hibernation: Retractable, when the temperature falls below 5 ° C. Can prezimuva mperatura at 2-8 ° C in light and dark. Old leaves are removed regularly. Be watered frequently. After March yarn is necessary.

Propagated through seeds. They sow in spring in a greenhouse or florist. Young plants are in pots dive where the other winter and spring are planted outdoors. Characterized by its rapid growth. To make stems are formed, the tree should be devoted to just call.

Pests, Diseases: Rare Scale insects appear.

Layout Tips: If you have a winter garden, can grow Albizia lophantha. It blooms from March to May with kremavozhalti, up to 8 centimeters long if its winter clusters of bright, retains its leaves. Both are suitable for Bonsai.

Category: Deciduous trees and shrubs

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