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Category: Decorative flowering

11 Jul : 15:54

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Family: Malvaceae - Malvaceae

Origin: South America

Abutilonat is evergreen tree with large klenovidni green or mottled leaves. Its colors are bell-shaped white, yellow, pink, orange or red. There are species with two-colored bells. The plant blooms from April to September, and at room temperature 10o - 15oC and winter bloom continues. To blossom abundantly, pot he should be a little closer.
Abutilonat is a fast growing plant. Should be regularly podryazva to blossom abundantly, to branches and to acquire good shape.
Well summer is exported abroad.
Abutilonat is known as maple bedroom because of the similarity in the shape of leaves. It is a shrub or small tree with downy stems and delicate leaves, which in different varieties are green or streaked or dappled spots. Particularly fascinating is laden with colors - yellow, orange, red, white, pink.

Certain types:
Abutilon megapotamicum variegatum - with sheets of white and yellow markings and colors - bluebells two-color - yellow and purple
Abutilon hybridum - kichesto grown as a tree with a height around
1,5 m. There are varieties with almost white leaves.
Abutilon striatum thompsonii - reached a height of about 1,5 m. Its leaves are yellow spots and, unlike those of other Abutilon theophrasti were smooth, without hairs.
Pastrolistnite varieties bloom more scarce. Stop bloom in winter and in adult plants too. Crown is formed by regular pruning, and the fragile stem is better to provide support.
In winter, he provides a rest period of bright and cool place - around 10-15 C. Watering is minimized if it is cold. Fertilization is stopped. Spring is in the transplant garden finger food.
Abutilonat needs a lot of sun. In summer it is good to be on the road. Should be watered generously, to be dressed every week to podryazva and be protected from aphids. If, however, remain in the room should be kept as orosyava blooms from wetting.
It is to be renewed every few years by poluvdarveni rooting of cuttings in water or wet river sand.
Tip: To boldly blooming spring crop.
- Dry air;
- Dry soil;
- Prepolivane.
In all these cases began to drop off leaves, flowers, buds.

- Aphids;
- Belokrilki;
- Mites.
Control measures - remove damaged many parts of the plant, washed with soapy water, is sprayed with an appropriate detergent.

Category: Decorative flowering

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