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Category: Aquatic plants and kraypotochni

19 Mar : 10:37

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lysichiton1.jpgLizihiton (Lysichiton) is Zmiyarnikovi family (Araceae) and there are only two types: Lysichiton americanus, Lysichiton camtschatcense.

Lysichiton americanus
Called because of fog swamp form of color found in locations in northern wetlands Amerika.Mnogogodishno plant that grows three feet high. Pungent, skunk-like odor is responsible for attracting other insects that pollinated plant, and other common name lizihitona - skunksovo cabbage. All parts of the plant contain calcium oxalate crystals, which if ingested without processing lead to irritation of the mouth and stomach. The plant emits heat, which in winter shipway snow around him and so helps him to survive. Blooms in April, with yellow petals with a length of 30 cm, length of flowering with the leaves about 45 cm length is about 90 centimeters grow after the color appears. Withstand temperatures up to -15 C, the young plants are attacked by snails.

Likes light to semi-shady places and moist soil with neutral to acidic nature (pH 5.6-7.5).
Contains alkaloids are propagated by dividing the roots in autumn, or from seed.

Lysichiton camtschatcense
Synonyms: Lysichiton japonicum
Spectacularly large plant with lily-white prisatsvetni leaves that resemble the tin. Perennial herb with thick and short roots. Blooms May-June, the color is maintained for several months. Poyavavyat leaves appear after the color. The foliage reaches 25-30 cm in length and 20-30 cm wide. The seeds mature in late July, early August. Suitable for wet and acidic soil, ie around the shores of ponds, pools and marshes. Is propagated by seed. Plant seed needed 4-5 years to blossom.

Replanting is done only with young plants, the elderly do not transplant and divide.

Suitable for shallow areas in ponds (up to about 5 cm depth) and semi-shaded areas in parks.

Note: Keep in mind when you sow, that is very easily propagated from seed, which may be undesirable to dovde reproducing

Special thanks to HobGoblin for the great article!

Category: Aquatic plants and kraypotochni

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