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Adiantum capillus-veneris

Category: Fern

21 May : 15:11

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adiantum_capillus.jpgDepartment fern - Pteridophyta
Class Polypodiopsida
Order Schizaeales
Family Adiantaceae - Adiantovi
Subfamily Adiantoideae
Genus Adiantum

Adiantum-one of the most loved ferns with over 200 species, some of which are studoustychivi and grow a pet is the type otkrito.Vseobsht kapilus-veneris called our lady Bogorodichen kosam.Ima or creeping stems, which go from fine cirrus sheets on soft black drazhki.Vsichki aboveground parts are coated with wax nalip invisible and thus they do not hold voda.Ottuk and name of the plant as adiantum nenamokryaem means.

Adiantumite do not like bright sunlight. Polusyankata prefer. These ferns do not tolerate frost and severe cold winds. I felt bad in the dusty, saturated with cigarette smoke rooms. The optimum temperature for adiantumite is 15 ° C-20 ° C. If it is warmer, their leaves become pale, gleamed yellow, dry and brittle.

Water with soft water, making sure the roots do not stay dry. Winter irrigations are rare, but should not be allowed to dry. Humidity in the room should be increased, especially in summer. A spraying at least twice a day. Thus, apart from raising the humidity to maintain and clean the leaves. In the summer adiantuma can be fueled with liquid fertilizer every two weeks. Divide roots.

Transplant ferns is in spring. Soil mixture should be of two parts peat, one part forest soil and sand. Carefully divide to grow roots adiantuma, and along with them and the surface area. Root neck should not be buried, as this can lead to rotting of young leaves. Reproduce through spores, but it's pretty laborious process.

- Adiantum capillus-veneris - Venus classic hair with pale leaves, along with black handles and flexible length of 30 cm
- Adiantum polifilum - is the largest state with large roots and stems about four feet in length, and its solid black handles are covered with small symmetrical petals.
- Adiantum raddiantum - has black stems and leaves numerous pale.

Light: bright, indirect sunlight!

Temperature: warm but not hot! Summer - optimal to - 20o - 25oS; winter - at least to - 10oS.

Irrigation: Profuse, the winter is reduced a little - with soft water at room temperature

Spraying: Profuse and often.

Humidity: High humidity air! Keep on the mat with wet pebbles! It is appropriate and in keeping terrarium.

Fertilizing: Spring, Summer, Autumn - once a month - with a dose of double-digit prescribed by the package

Replanting: Each year - April / May - the larger plants. Good drainage.

Propagation: transplant ferns is in spring soil mixture is 2 parts peat, 1 part sand. Ramnozhavanteo done by dividing the rootstock. Care must be taken root neck should not be buried, as this can lead to rotting of young leaves.

- If gleamed yellow leaves, brown spots appear, it may be too high a temperature - over 25oS, irregular or inadequate irrigation;
- If the leaves gleamed yellow and the plant does not grow - low air humidity;
- If the leaves are pale, translucent, vyali - too strong sunlight;
- If the edges of the leaves gleamed yellow and wither, the plant does not grow or grow worse - inadequate nutrition, too small or too large a pot;
- If the leaves gleamed yellow, cafes, is curl and fall away - too low temperature, cold drafts, watering with cold, hard or chlorinated water.

If you develop any of the above problems, the plant is podryazva almost to the ground and started spraying thoroughly - it will grow new shoots.

- Mites;
- Aphids;
- Earthworm - check whether you have, as the pot is soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate. If there are worms, they will come through drainage holes or will appear on the surface of the earth.

- Gray rot - a fungal disease - appear to be black spots
leaves - at low temperatures and prepolivane.

Unfortunately, adiantumat not tolerate spraying with chemical agents. If this is particularly necessary when the plant is sprayed, waited to dry and well-poured with hot water.

Adiantumat is most sensitive to watering. If you forget to wash it, the plant responds as soon tops of twigs and dry leaves. And if you watering too much, it adiantumat sooner or later will die. The most negative response of stagnant water in the soil.

Category: Fern

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