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Syngonium podophyllum

Category: Decorative leaf

28 Jun : 14:17

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15-syngonio.jpgThe name of the genus comes from Latin Syn - united, welded and gone - seed-bud. These are 33 types of evergreen and herbaceous lianas distributed in Central and South America. At home in tropical rainforests grow by liana singoniumat forming numerous aerial roots. Most known species are S. auritum and S. podophyllum - plants grown in warm greenhouses used for planting of winter gardens and indoor plants as unpretentious. In our often called the flower of happiness in America, the popular name is "AMERICAN EVERGREEN".

Singoniumat is among the most popular indoor plants. His homeland is Central America - from Mexico to Panama. Like spatifiliuma difenbahiyata and which are of the same family loves warmth, moisture and protection from direct sunlight. Reaches 3 meters in length. Mature plant placed on the knees of the stem air roots. There are formed and leaves - one for each node. They are quite large, have a long handle and a smooth heart-lancet or lamina. In the flower shop is sold and the Dutch hybrids, whose young leaves as strong rozoveyat.

Syngonium podophyllum - bright green heart-shaped leaves with a length of 7 - 13 cm dalgio handles. Leaf is divided into 3 - 11 segments, which are usually fused. There are colorful varieties, which differ in shape and color of the leaves.
Syngonium auritum - dark green leaves and well developed aerial roots. List is divided into segments 3 to 5, with - a large central segment.
Syngonium wendlandii - dark green leaves trirazdelni long handles. The central segment is longer by 10 cm and side - to 15 cm of leaves Poverhnostta flannelette is a central vein - Silver. Very comfortable to be used to support Trub with moss, in which singoniuma Wrap yourself reaching a height of 1,5 - 1.8 meters. Singoniuma can be grown as a cascading plant. Singoniumat is remarkable in that the shape of the leaves change with age. The leaves of young plants are sagittate, but - old sheets are clearly separated partitions resembling stars with irregular shape.

Feel better and grow in warm room temperature 18-20 ° C, and in winter - not lower than 16 ° C

Bright, scattered light necessarily protect from direct sunlight especially during lyatoto.Singoniumat with dark green leaves borne on - shady places, and is pastrolistniyat - svetlolyubiv. In winter it is better to zoom the window, because with insufficient light leaves begin to lose their color.

Abundant in spring and summer, moderate in winter. Soil should not be dried up or be too wet.

From March to August fertilizing every two weeks with complex fertilizers for foliage - ornamental plants. If there are no nutrients young leaves fade.

Likes moist air - spray often.

In the spring every two years. Soil - 1 part leaflet, 1 part peat, 1 part burnt manure, 1 part sand

Suitable for growing both in older saktsii decorative, but also in the chest. When grown outdoors, plant flowers in spring. Sometimes blooming and chest, but if growing conditions are good.

Be propagated by cuttings.

Dry, brown leaf edges - too dry air.
The leaves are pale and muddy - high humidity or excessive watering.
The new leaves are - little old - insufficient lighting or lack of nutrients in the soil.
Pastrolistnite singoniumi lose color and become green - a little light.

Aphids and mites.

Singoniuma of variability associated with the change of shape and color of leaves with age. The leaves are governed by Mercury - the master of the mind, the planet of thought, speech and communication, and the stems are governed by Saturn, the planet's defining strength of character. Variable singonium helps people to overcome the complexes associated with communication and education, and consequently to strengthen their character.
Singoniumat is for those who suffer from their habits that throughout his life, once guided by this knowledge and do not want or are afraid to expand their horizons. Variable singonium helps people to not lag behind in development, not to stop what they have. It is a good helper in training, accelerate the process of absorbing information and knowledge. Singoniumat is very suitable plant for the skeptics, helping them to overcome their skepticism and accept something new. It is useful to grow singonium in the office of scientists, researchers, teachers - all who work with information, knowledge, education. Thanks to this plant increases the speed of thought, a man faster in your mind synthesize new knowledge.

Mercury is variable gave the plant human ability to adapt to different circumstances in which he makes to communicate. Singoniumat teaches people to feel at various interlocutors in different settings. Singoniumat in developing human talent for communication, helping him to be invincible in the conversation, which is especially useful if you have any complexes in this area.

The winding stem of singoniuma in older plants is dependent on Saturn, the planet but strict in this plant has merged with the air element and has become easier. This lightweight Saturn has given the plant's ability to relieve the heavy characters. Saturn can give a principled man, keep it strong positions, but lightest of Saturn singoniuma will help people to become more flexible, choosing his position. If one of your friends has someone for anything in the world do not retreat from its principles, even if circumstances require it, given his singonium.

Stems and leaf stalks are juicy singoniuma, saturated with moisture, which is associated with water flow and human emotionality. But singoniumat is winding liana, so we can say that his emotions are in motion, aspire to something. Singoniumat is suitable for those who can not longer get rid of some of their feelings for emotional people, impressionable kind. Singoniumat help them move forward, not dwell on old experiences and pleasant sensations. Singoniumat not deprive people of impressionability and emotional, but teach him to live with new impressions, drove compulsive sensations.

Category: Decorative leaf

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