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Category: Seasonal herbaceous plants

04 Jul : 16:07

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800px-zinnia_elegans_with_bombus_01.jpgZinnia (Zinnia elegans) is a graceful flower in summer, coming from Mexico, which is named after its founder - Johan Qin. There are many varieties with different shape and shade of color.
Name of the Bulgarian Ochentse or zinnia.

The huge popularity of zinnia country due to their easy cultivation. They are annuals that grow easily and quickly give colors. In Bulgaria, another summer zinnia called tulip. There are different types, which differ from each other mainly in height and size of its color. There are low plants - up to 20 cm high on average - about 30 - 40 cm, and high - a height of stem to 80 cm diameter flowers are 5 to 15 centimeters and are the most different colored: white, yellow, orange , Scarlet Red, purple, pink. There are garden zinnia, which are called Persian carpet. They usually combine several colors in one color - for example, red and white center or in iridescent pink and red range. Zinnia require sunny, protected from wind and very warm place. Develop healthy, fork stems, reaching up to 60-80 cm Leaves and stems are covered with coarse hairs. The colors are a type of basket

Flowering period is from July to September. To form a powerful and beautiful plants, the soil should be rich and ottsedliva a sunny place. In summer the central flowering stem when pretsafti is prekarshva. This branching and further intensify in the autumn bloom is abundant.

Pretsaftelite inflorescences are removed regularly. How beautiful zinnia, it's so useful. In summer it is visited by bees. For this purpose it is particularly useful in the fall, when the honey vegetation is less


- Swizzle - Height 25-30 sm.Podhodyashto for saksii.Tsvyat Red / White, Yellow / Red.

- Short Stuff-height of 20-25 sm.Podhodyashto saksii.Tsvyat: Mixture, red, pink, yellow, orange, white.

- Dreamland - Height 20-30 sm.Podhodyashto for saksii.Tsvyat: Mixture, Orange, Cream, Red, Pink, Yellow.

- Peppermint Stick - 70 sm.Tsvyat Height: Mixture, Orange, Cream, Red, Pink, Yellow.

- Zinnita - sm.Tsvyat 70 Height: Mixture.

- Profusion - Height 30-40 sm.Tsvyat: Mixture, Peach, Red, Orange, White.

- Celebration Mix - Height 30-40 sm.Tsvyat: Mixture.

- Oklahoma Mix - Height 70-100 sm.Tsvyat: Mixture.

- Augustifolia Starbright Mix - 35 sm.Tsvyat Height: Mixture.

Zinnia tolerated high temperatures and dry vazduh.Tsiniite grow great above 20 degrees

This flower loves the light. When planting it is advisable to separate its open and sunny location. His flourishing so well assured.

Maintain soil slightly moist but never mokra.Polivaneto be moderate, with the flowering period of the amount of water slightly decreases

During the 14 days are nourished by fertilizer that is markedly nitrogen.

Zinnia tolerated high temperatures and dry air, but in a period of prolonged drought its decorative value decreases.

This flower can be grown as a garden and in pots. It should be located on the sunny spot to plant may have access to plenty of light. Zinnia after reaching the height suitable for its cultivation in home conditions, watering should be reduced

Zinnia seeds being propagated by seeds are sprouting up to 10 days. They are flat, and large bezhovokafyavi. Grow quickly - after 6-10 days and the plants zatsaftyavat after about two months from sowing or seedlings, as the distance between the roots should be at least 10 cm

Category: Seasonal herbaceous plants

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