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08 Jul : 18:16

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tropaeolum1.jpgNasturtium - Tropaeolum has about 50 species, their origin is from South and Central America. Latin name of the flower is associated with "trophae" - a small trophy for shlemovidnata color and shape of the thyroid sheet.

It is hard to find without a garden nasturtium. Except in the gardens, nasturtium is a lovely balcony. For all its homeliness probably have heard, but that this nasturtium attend the table, maybe not everyone knows.

Gardeners know that a few nasturtium root can belokrilkite expelled from the greenhouse. A cabbage moths prefer to lay their eggs on nasturtium precisely, thus the cabbage remains intact. All parts of the nasturtium, except the roots are used in cooking. Young leaves are placed in different salads to impart taste and aroma. Blooms and unripe seeds are used as a spicy ingredient to flavor vinegar. There are less and recipes in which nasturtium is recommended to treat Avitaminosis, anemia, kidney disease and hair loss.

With the climbing varieties can decorate any vertical objects are superb for polusteleshtite sandacheta window and lower face and make great beds and borders.

Most species are perennial, but this country is grown as an annual plant, because not zimoustoychivi nasturtium. Nasturtium prefers moderately fertile and moist soils

In some countries, nasturtium is considered a symbol of patriotism and patriotism.


-Tropaeolaceae majus - nasturtium Large: In nature it is a perennial, but the country does not withstand the winter cold and be renewed each spring. Incorrect colors with a long spur, full of sweet juice, a nice "chili" flavor. Palette of colors is incredibly rich - yellow, orange, bright red, brownish red, pink in all its nuances. There are both climbing forms, which reach a length of 2.5 meters and bushes (to 40 cm high). Many varieties are studded with flecks and strokes.

-Tropaeolum peregrinum-alien nasturtium, also known as the canary. Already among us can see the fence, wrapped in her long stems up to 3-4 meters. It is hard to connect us with a familiar picture of this flower. Its brilliant yellow flowers look like a torn green spurs, but it leaves are small, heavily chopped, but they are very attractive.

-Tropaeolum cultorum - Cultural nasturtium together mostly hybrid varieties of big and mealy. The plants are annuals, oblisteni dense, sinking in a variety of colors in shades of May until the first frosts.

-Tropaeolum minus - Petty nasturtium is a miniature version of the very large.

-Tropaeolum peltophorum - Scale nasturtium is characterized by its dark green leaves and dark red thyroid colors

-Tropaeolum tuberosum - Latinka tuber - underground tuber formed in some parts of the Andean tuber is used for food.

-Tropaeolum polyphyllum from Chile - whose perennial roots can survive underground when air temperatures to -15 ° C are the most durable type.

-Are also very beautiful and curly nasturtium and Azure is just amazing with the blue colors. Unfortunately it is very difficult to find seeds from them so far in the country.

Warm temperatures flower


If need be watered, but do not overdo, because the flower does not tolerate very wet soil

Does not tolerate excessive fertilization (especially nitrogen fertilizer or manure). It blooms from them worse, although it leaves grow beautifully. Are preferred to phosphate fertilizers.

Sowing in April became the permanent location of the plant because the root system is easily damaged on replanting.

Nasturtium can adorn any sunny spot or a little overshadowed. Ideal to decorate fences and climbing frames are alien species, and nasturtium. If planting them in hanging pot on the balcony, they will give it a picturesque appearance. And if we release them directly into the soil, it will soon be hidden under the fragrant carpet. With a compact low bushes can be planted as separate beds and can be mixed with other summer flowers.

Nasturtium seeds multiply. Samozasyavat easily, so can our efforts to save them razmnozhavame.Semenata matured 40-50 days of overblown colors.

Category: Decorative flowering

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