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Tagetes (part I)

Category: Seasonal herbaceous plants

25 Jul : 09:04

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tagetes1.jpgTagetes, fundo, or Turta TAGETES

In honor of the hero of Greek mythology, the grandson of the god Jupiter - Tagesa (Tages), known for its beauty and ability to predict the future.
Tagetes comes from America where it grows wild from New Mexico and Arizona to Argentina. More than 30 species of annual and perennial, herbaceous plants. The stems are standing, durable, compact form, or shrub, from 20 to 120 cm high, with particularly sharp odor. Leaves, Perez-slashed shares are different and jagged cut, rare targets, colors vary from light to dark green, arranged opposite or regularly. Each branch ends with a truss. Clusters - baskets, very bright, yellow, orange, golden yellow, red, brown or russet, one-line or assembled into a complex flower. Izdutata petals and hollow shaft is one of the characteristics of Tagetes. Blooms abundantly from June until frost. Fruit - seeds. Retain their seed germination in 3-4 years. Self-sown up.

In ornamental flowers usually use many kinds of hybrids. One of the main characteristics of the species Tagetes is the structure of flowering. There karamfilopodobni (mainly flowers Reed) and hrizantemopodobni (mainly from large-flowered trabesti) decoration, and just polukichesti-colored.

tagetes_anisala_1.jpg- Tagetes anisala
One of the few whole (not chopped) leaves. All parts of this unique summer flowers have a taste and smell, reminiscent of tarragon, but much better and stronger flavor. This flavor is felt by significant distances. Overall lyato.Raste blooms generously and in a limited volume of pochvata.Izdarzha long in a vase. Warm temperatures, unassuming, drought resistant. It is easy to transplant, even in the blossoming state. You can sow seeds directly into the ground in late May or seedling nurseries. Began to flourish two months after sowing.

- Tagetes patula - stretched Turta

Rodina - in mountainous areas of Mexico. Annual plants. Standing stems, 15-50 cm tall, strongly branched from the base of lateral shoots ending in clusters. The leaves are small, Perez-slashed, with linear-lanceolate part with triangular peaks, dark green, arranged alternately or opposite. Inflorescences-baskets 4.6 cm diameter, single or clusters thyroid, chashkoobrazni different in shape, with a long handle clusters. Peripheral (liguli) baskets of flower petals in yellow, orange, lemon, orange-brown or dark red, leaves are soft and smooth as velvet, often two-colored in different shades of ratios; trabestite (located in the middle) - yellow or orange .
Many variations of this type are divided into groups: high - up to 60 cm high or more, just-colored, medium - to 50 cm height, color, decoration, low - 25-40 cm tall, with a simple flower or decoration, very low ( lilliputian) - 15-20 cm tall, with simple or fleecy petals.
The most common varieties are often:
= Gold Ball (Golden Ball) - 50-60 cm tall, strongly branched. The stems are solid green with a reddish-brown hue. Medium green leaves are large. Inflorescences are simple and polukichesti, 4-5 cm diameter, with trabesti flowers and 1-2 lines, reddish-brown, clamp. Trabestite flowers are golden yellow. Variety wounds bloom from early June until frost. Flowers for cutting
= Gold Kopchen - small shrub, 20-25 cm tall, densely oblisten. The stems are solid green with a reddish tinge. Leaves are medium large, dark green color. Inflorescences are hrizantemovidni, decoration, 3,5-4 cm diameter, consisting of golden-yellow flowers trabesti enlarged, but the end of the line slightly wavy dark red flowers clamp. Variety earlier. Bloom from early June until the first frosts. Used for flower beds, potted plants and decorations on balconies
= Quenn Sophia (Queen Sofia) - polukichesti are two-colored petals with a diameter of 7 cm, bronze-red with orange edges, exposing it to direct sunlight become brown hue.
= Lemon Gem - small shrub, 20-30 cm tall, almost spherical, highly branched, densely oblisten. The stems are solid, thick, with dark red edges. Leaves are medium large, colored dark green. Inflorescences are karamfilopodobni, decoration, 3,5-4 cm diameter, consist only of bright yellow flowers clamp. Variety earlier. Bloom from early June until early zimata.Otglezhdat as garden or potted.
= Orangeflamme - low variety to 20-30 cm tall, compact, densely oblisten. Strong stems, green with red stripes. The leaves are dark green with small narrow spear parts. Inflorescences are hrizantemopodobni, decoration, 3,5-4,5 cm diameter, which consist of advanced countries trabesti bright orange flowers with red spots and one line below liguli diverted to red-brown color with yellow spots at the base, yellow stripe in the end. Variety earlier. Bloom from early June until frost.
= Feuerball - height of 55-70 cm, highly branched. The stems are rebresti, green with red stripes. The leaves are green. Inflorescences are simple, 4-5 cm diameter. Clamp flowers arranged in a row, with the upper red-brown, bristly, and lower-Matte yellow. Trabesti (located in the middle) orange flowers with brown varhove.Sort earlier. Flowering from early June to slana.Preporachva for cutting.

- Tagetes erecta - erect Turta

Rodina - The southern part of Mexico. Annual plant, flower or shrub with distinct main stems. Stems are highly branched, 80-120 cm tall, standing slightly rebresti the base like a tree, side shoots are directed upward forming shrub with a pyramidal-shaped back. Leaves: Perez-divided, with sharp parts, light to dark green, arranged regularly. Clusters - large baskets 6-13 cm diameter, single, simple polukichesti or decoration with a long handle clusters. Bloom in late June - early July. Inflorescences are green, light yellow, yellow, bright yellow, orange or two-color. Retain germination 1-2 years. Recommended for zatsvetyavane facade, windows and balconies, flower beds, vases to 3 weeks, and cut flowers.
Varieties differ in height: very high - over 90 cm, high - 60-90 cm, medium - 45-60 cm lower - up to 45 cm high.
= Antigua (Antigua)-height 20 cm, form a multitude of flowers with 10 cm diameter in bright yellow or orange colors.
= Gelber Stein - up to 70 cm high. Hrizantemopodobni inflorescences, bright golden-yellow, 7-8 cm diameter
= Gold Dollar (Gold Dollar) - high flowers, 90-120 cm tall. Stem solid, thick, rebresti, light green. The leaves are large, dark green. Inflorescences: karamfilopodobni, hemispherical, thick fleecy, 7-8 cm diameter, red-orange, odorless. Early flowering from early June until winter. Grown for cutting
= Goldlicht (Golden Light) - 60-75 cm high. Stems claims rebresti, light green with a reddish color. The leaves are large, dark green. Karamfilopodobni clusters, hemispherical, decoration, 8-10 cm diameter. Clamp flowers in bright orange and trabesti not many flowers. It flowers from late June until frost.
= Sonnenschein - flowers with a standard form, 40-50 cm tall. Stems claims rebresti, green. The leaves are large, green. Hrizantemopodobni inflorescences, 5-6 cm diameter, golden-yellow, composed of many large flowers in trabesti halo with twisted down lopatkopodobni sharp-tipped, and a series of clamp on the end.
= Zigronenprinz - flowers with a standard form, 65-80 cm tall. Strong stems, dark green with a pink tinge. The leaves are large, dark green. Karamfilopodobni inflorescences, 8-10 cm diameter, spherical, thick fleecy, lemon-yellow. Blooms from mid-June to frost.

- S. tenuifolia - Tankolistna Turta

Homeland - the mountains of Mexico. Annual plants, low, 20-40 cm tall, densely branched, with straight, strong or delicate pale green stalks. Leaves small, double slashed Perez with a narrow, lightly-toothed parts, light green with dark points located sequentially. Clusters - small baskets with five separate petals, sharpened the tip, 1,5-3 cm diameter, just-colored, short inflorescences stems, in turn assembled in thyroid petals, colored in yellow and yellow-orange. Flowers are abundant. Cultivated in 1795. S. tenuifolia is more than 70 complex hybrids. Of arrays are grown in gardens, flower beds, vases.
The most common varieties are often:
= Golden Ring (Golden Ring) - beautiful flowers 40-50 cm tall, compact, globular, densely branched. Stems thin, brittle, light-green. Leaves small, narrow slashed to pieces. Clusters - small, 2,5-3 cm diameter basket, prostotsvetni, strip ligulni flowers in bright yellow, trabestite are small lopatkopodobni flowers in orange with brown spots on the edges. Variety earlier. It flowers from early June until frost.
= Gnom (Dwarf) - 20-25 cm tall, spherical, much-branched and densely oblisteni. Healthy stems, thin, light green. Leaves small, with thin and delicate parts. Inflorescences small, 2-2,5 cm diameter, consisting of 5 bright yellow clamp and a few small trabesti orange flowers. Variety earlier. It flowers from early June until frost. Is widely used in limiting herbaceous border, beds, such as indoor potted flowers for vases.
= Lemon Gem - 28-34 cm tall, shaped into a ball. The plants are branched, abundant blooms. Petals are bright yellow with a tinge of lemon.

Category: Seasonal herbaceous plants

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