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Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

12 Aug : 20:08

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iberis_umbellata_4.jpgCandytuft (IBERIS) Family: Brassicaceae

The name comes from the area of natural distribution. Iberia is the so-called early Spain.

Description: It contains over 40 species distributed in the Mediterranean region and Central Europe. Annual and perennial herbaceous plants. Leaves: Peres whole or divided. The colors are white, pink or violet collected chadaropodobni wrists. Fruit - seeds. In 1 grams to 450 seeds.

Iberis of annual plants:
- Iberis amara and Iberis umbellata.

- Iberis amara
It grows in southern European Russia, Crimea and Central Europe. Annual crops to 30 cm in height. Stem branches from the root neck. Leaves spear-back, indented by the end placed at regular intervals. The colors are white or pale purple, fragrant, 1,5-2 cm diameter, are collected in inflorescence with koronovidna form.

The most common varieties:
Weiss = Rize - shrub to 30 cm high, flowers white;
= Giatsintenblyutige Rize - shrub to 35 cm high, purple flowers;
= Tom troops - height 12-15 cm, white flowers.

- Iberis umbellata
Rodina - Southern Europe. Annual plants. The stems are smooth, naked, branched, to 40 cm high. Leaves, spears. Colors from white to purple, fragrant, collected in thick clusters bouquet. Flowering begins 2-2,5 months after planting. Begins to bloom in June for a period of two months. Fruits - two-component oval fruit with two seeds. Seeds are flat, light yellow - in variety with white flowers and orange-red - in other varieties. In contains 1 grams of 420-450 pc. Can be stored for 2-3 years. .
There are many ornamental forms and varieties differ in color.
= Red Rash - up to 30 cm high, reddish color;
= Fairy Mixture - up to 20-25 cm tall, of different colors;
= Giant Hyacinthflowered - up to 35-40 cm tall, white flowers, resembling the form of hyacinth.

From multi Iberis:
- Iberis sempervirens
Rodina - Southern Europe, Asia Minor.
Perennial semi-Bush plant, 30-40 cm tall. Evergreen leaves, whole, oblong, dark green, shiny, up to 7 cm in length. The colors are white to 1,5 cm in diameter chadaropodobni gathered in clusters to 5 cm diameter. Profuse flowering in early summer, 20-25 days, sometimes again in late summer. During the flowering inflorescences leaves almost completely hidden.
The most common varieties:
= Little Gem - grows to a height of 10-12 cm;
= Tsvergshneeflok - up to 15 cm, suitable for rock gardens;
= Findel - height 20 cm, forming a curtain colors to 80 cm in diameter;
= Dana - up to 15 cm high, flowering magnificently;
= Snowflake - 20-25 cm tall, with clusters Diameter 45 cm

- Iberis gibraltarica
Comes from southern Spain and Morocco. Scrubby evergreen shrub with numerous small pink flowers. Blooms in spring. Height 25 cm, 40 cm width of the bush. Salt are preferred and well draining soils.

- Iberis saxatilis
Growing on rocky terrain in Southern Europe from the Iberian Peninsula to the Black Sea. High evergreen subshrubs 10-15 cm. Shaped like a rounded dense cushions, which during the flowering in April and May seem like a pile of snow.

Location: svetlolyubivi but tolerate some shade.

Soils: unpretentious, but it is better to be slightly loam.

Care: multi-species after flowering should be cut one-third of the length to maintain the same plant species.

Pests and diseases: White rust, mildew lazhebrashnesta, pitiyno rot, rizoktoniyno rot, nematodes, aphids, cabbage white butterfly, TRIPS tsvetoyaden beetle.

Propagation: By seed or division of the flower. Seeds sown in March or April - in pots or in gardens. At temperatures of 18-20 C sprout after 7-10 days at 15C - after 14-20 days. Seedlings begin to bloom the second year. At one point may be up to 5-6 years.

Application: spectacular meadows of grass and layout of sites in the southern part of the rock gardens.

Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

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