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14 Sep : 22:20

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If you have trees and have not yet done so little storage apples and pears for the winter. Best - fit for purpose are - late maturing varieties. Select healthy fruits, medium in size and rip them with the handle of the tree.

Keep them dry and airy place (eg garage) arranged on a flat surface (tray). If you are more - much, stack trays, in a box.

Take the vegetable garden. Rob tomatoes have started to turn yellow and carefully arrange them on a paper surface. Keep them dry and cool place, so as not to spoil. Remove and carrots, to become a victim of snails. Wipe them from the soil and storing them.

If you have other bulbs planted them this last month. As a rule, the more - the greater the bulb, the better - is a great flower.

Sow the seeds of flowering annuals in the spring (non-meat, kalendula) in sandacheta, and when the seedlings is big enough, move it in separate containers.

Take care of the grass! Continue to mow it every week thoroughly (continue to grow until the temperature does not fall below 4 - 5 degrees) and must clean it of fallen leaves. They prevent the grass gets dostaachno light, and are ideal haven for worms and other temptations.

You can still planted bulbs in the yard, but if you want to create one - naturally, Polish type of garden, just lying on the grass, and where they fall, they dice the appropriate depth.

Do not forget flowers bedroom. As soon as growth is slow, start to nourish them.

Clean rose bushes and rotten and dried leaves and flowers. Clean and around the bush itself, not to get unpleasant infection (black spots on the leaves).

Collect seeds from perennials pretsaftelite. Store them in small paper bags in a dry and warm place, if you decide to sow them in spring.

Go home with flowerpots - sensitive plants (Fuchs, citrus, jug).

Freeze their green herbs for the winter. They are ideal for use with all meals and in frizara withstand at least 6 months. Basil, mint, parsley, rosemary, dill. Choose fresh, healthy seedlings of plants (most - good morning), chopped them and formichki frozen in ice or plastic bags. So you will have the perfect fragrant addition to your meal.

If you have a small garden rhododendron trees (azalea), you can still watering them in malko.

Category: Flowers and Gardens through the seasons

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