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15 Sep : 09:26

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In December comes the winter - and the astronomical and METEROLOGICAL. Invade cold air masses, but for most of the country's daily average temperatures observed in the course of many years are positive. Sometimes it is not so cold and completely paralyzes the ground, but it happens to December and is more heated than usual. One thing is constant - its short days, the shortest of the year when you need to fulfill important obligations garden. Is not normal to stay for next year.

In the yard flower garden is to complete unfinished work was the treatment of soil with appropriate fertilization, was cleaning the fallen noise and other plant residues, roots and any pruning of shrubs in order to withstand the snow. It is especially important on grass areas will be windfalls leaves under snow cover because they turn into crust, which misses the air and the grass can choke. Should be taken against frost prone to cold perennial flowers. A suitable for outdoor days, especially during the first half of the month, worth to be used for the planting of ornamental trees and shrubs.

In the vegetable garden should be finished processing the soil after late harvested vegetables - cabbage, carrots, leeks, turnips, etc.. Under favorable conditions may continue predzimnoto sowing of carrots, parsley, lettuces and some other vegetables. Unfavorable for outdoor days should be used for repair of horticultural equipment. Now becomes essential preparation for sowing seed pepper and tomatoes and those who intend to make them raise themselves, must obtain the seed of suitable varieties to prepare greenhouses.

In the fruit garden, if not done for any reason the first winter spraying is better now take place in order for this favorable days, than to miss. Continued cleaning of the trees withered branches and mummified fruit ostargva cracked crust is old, clean and arrange the tools and equipment. We should not forget that every good day of December can be used for planting fruit trees - enough is the air temperature is above 5.6 degrees, and soil is not frozen and very wet.

Decorative Garden

Lilies grow from bulbs, and flakes

To grow new plants from several lilium bulbs can use flakes. For this purpose the upper damaged flakes are removed and the inside can drop off as close to the bulb dantseto. Sprinkle with topsin M 70 HR, place in envelope and tselofanov so stay a few days. In another envelope is nasipva mixture of peat and river sand or pure perlite in a 1:1 ratio. Instead of turf, you can use wood ashes. Flakes treated with fungicides, are placed in the mixture. The envelope is slightly inflated and zavrazva. In this state the scales are staying for 3 months, after which the bag is placed for a further 6-8 weeks in refrigerator. At the end of that period appear small flakes bulbil. If the scales are soft, take the bulbs, if there are still firm, planted them with bulbil.

Thus can breed not only Lilium, but other species, whose bulbs are thick-skinned.

Clean seed

The seeds of many ornamental plants vary widely in size and shape. Therefore, methods of cleaning are often quite different. For many seeds need to be placed in a thick bag and pretriyat. You can also use thick gloves so as not to injure your hands if you have a hard seed coat. In some plants it is necessary to remove the seeds from the seed boxes or pods, to serve as a suitable subject.

Waste seed husks and other plant residues are separated using a sieve or through a fan, if the seeds are sufficiently severe. You must have several sieves of different diameter holes to use them for screening of seeds of different sizes. Of waste cleaned seeds are discharged into court or white on white paper to be removed poor-quality beans.

At home is not necessarily the seeds are perfectly clean. Suffice it possible to remove the waste as they are sometimes a source of infection and can cause decay of the germs.

Able to sow some seeds from cleaning to check germination. Note that in some cultures (nasturtium, Verbana) in this time of year they are in a period of profound peace and may show a low rate of germination, but this will change in late winter.

Store seeds in paper bags in a dry and ventilated place away from heat sources. Do not forget to write on the envelope the name of the plant variety and the year in which the seeds were collected.

Suitable soil for Erica

This plant can be planted in late autumn, as long as land is not stiff from the cold. Note that it likes slightly acidic soil and if it lacks, he should secure it before planting. Will find it in the pine forest, under the spruces and pines. You can get the upper soil layer (about 5 cm), where the resin fell from the trees. Erica is suitable for the soil from open areas where the ferns grow, thyme or other species, particularly wild Eric. Such soil is much lighter than the forest. To obtain a useful substrate, you can mix the soil from both locations.

Time to plan future work

To determine the needs of the seed for the upcoming season, the seedlings form their exact plan. It is best to do this now to avoid trouble in evading the shops during the spring months when we are busy in the garden. The plan must describe in detail and dates for sowing the seeds to obtain seedlings. Try to diary and other works in the garden - planting seedlings, loosening the soil, watering, feeding, etc. by reading these notes in the winter, will you find the most correct choice of seed varieties, To ensure the best development of plants and to spend at full time.

Simple but useful
Describing the decision of the color composition of plants, it is important to comply with the place where it is located. To decorate the corner of rest, situated on the sunny side of the garden, you can buy plants in silver-gray scale. These shades create a soothing atmosphere. The combination of intensive even yellow, orange and red in the bright sun light eye strain. In conditions of insufficient light interesting compositions are derived from plants in pastel colors (bledosini, pink, light yellow and silver). Porches and interior courtyards, it is best to take shape with plants with white flowers or flecked with white and yellow leaves that at the expense of the reflected light will make the situation a little brighter and "enlighten" shaded courtyard during the day.

Original place of loners

Single trees (soliteri) are grown, you can observe the natural beauty in all seasons of the year by turning off competition from other trees. When choosing a "model" tree planting should take account of the beauty of its leaves, the shape of its trunk and crown, the bark color of it, since it will be the central figure in the composition of the garden. The size also matters: smaller trees are lost among the surrounding plants, but if too large, will close the other vegetation. In ordinary garden soliterite often occupy the center of the lawn, but can be planted at the end of the green trail, which will impress with its original silhouette. Such a tree can be tagged and the entrance to the garden or pond, where you will be effectively reflected in the water. The creation of a flat background solitera Widespread reproduced plants, such as vinca.

Hide plants under thick snow blanket

Even if you live far away from your garden, try to go as far 1-2 times a month. Check that are well hidden under the snow planted perennials. If the layer is not large, then more snow than earthworks paths.

Requires special attention and rockeries. During the warming due to strong winds or the tip and its slopes, especially south and west, may be exposed. In such cases obligatory upon them earthworks snow from areas free of plants, but in no case may the lawn or under trees and bushes.

Cover with protective material or tie a compact crown of juniper plants (tuya, cypresses, etc..) Otherwise the snow can make them break. Many juniper, especially the young, planted in the previous year during the winter suffer from burns, so they must be covered with a nonwoven material or branches.

Preserve summer in the roots of inviting

Invite their summer beauty due to the large elliptical leaves and large dyed different colors. Now that autumn frosts destroy their summer beauty, rootstock and carefully remove them housed in a cool cellar with a piece of dust around them. In early spring, when they began to develop, cut rhizome parts so that each cutting has one or two buds. Stecklings planted in pots and keep them warm. In them plant a garden in early June, when a steady warming, because these plants are sensitive to lower temperatures.

Winter in a cool oleander

Oleander (zokum, Liang) is a plant warm temperatures. His homeland is north African coast, where decorate yards and roads, like roses. Our country is grown in large containers and to resist the winter cold, you need time to occupy an appropriate place. It should be warm, and rubber plant or difenbahiyata example. Winter is a mandatory rest period of oleander and in his homeland. Wrap it in a light but cool to room temperature between 1 and 5 degrees. Water only when soil in pots was visibly dried.

Brave the rodents

If your garden is in rodents or rabbits can penetrate, then tie around the trunks and lower branches of trees and bushes, plastic or cardboard. To destroy the mouse moves, it is useful to periodically pritapkvate snow around the tree trunks. To combat rodents in inaccessible to birds and domestic animals have places to put bait. Mice can damage the very sensitive in winter biennial plants (Turkish carnations, daisies, etc.). And shallow planted bulbs. And these locations in mouse moves to put bait, but is best among these plants to plant and those who hunt mice, for example tsinoglosum. Rodents do not like the smell of garlic and some species of ornamental onions.

Small tips

Provide food during the winter months the birds in your garden, as they increasingly find it difficult to find elsewhere. Throughout the spring, summer and autumn, the birds are defending your garden from pests, now is the time at which you should thank them for that.

Once or twice a month, watch out tubers, bulbs and roots of gladioli, lyutichetata, begonias, anemone, invite storing dahlia and other warm temperatures to spring plants. Separate sick of them, cutting and disinfect the areas infested with rot. If needed ventilate sandachetata in which they are stored. Try to maintain optimal temperature in the room arrangement.

Particular attention to the separation of the state of dahlia tubers. Where the place of storage is too wet, the tubers may develop fungal diseases and if you do not take measures in time, all may become unsuitable for planting in spring. Favorable for the development of these diseases is the joint storage of dahlia with vegetables and potatoes, but also nedezinfektsiran contaminated sand. In the appearance of signs of fungal diseases decayed parts of plants should be cut, the tubers can be dried and powdered with wood ash.

Rooms and balconies

While the rest mushkatoto

Prolettta will flourish until the autumn of each year, spending winters in the cool and bright room.

Remove the color!

Cut flowering, irrespective of whether flowers or buds were formed. This will help the plant to store energy.

Separation zastarelite list!

Most of the leaves wilt mushkatoto winter. Carefully disengage zavyahvashti and yellowed leaves. Do not cut them with scissors, so as not to remain standing dry stalks.

Do not underestimate the pruning!

To enjoy the decoration plants in the spring crop to them strongly. Saving only the base of branches. The tips of the branches can be used as cuttings for rooting.

Water very sparingly!

Mushkatoto appropriate for bright room with a temperature of 5.12 degrees. In winter it will go without bright lights, so you can put it away from the window.

Water during the cold months often, because this plant accumulates moisture reserves in the stems and use them for long. Soil in the pot should be only slightly humidified until the next watering and its surface is completely dry. To March is off feeding.

Cyclamate so long you will flourish

Flowering cyclamen often die. To decorate your room in a long time, watering them through the substrate or on the edge of the pot. The most important thing is not to allow water to fall on the tubers at the base of leaf stalks or buds. In addition to clean yellow and wilted leaves with handles or with handles colors. This must be done carefully, with detachable handles next to the club. Cyclamate and does not tolerate heat. It blooms well and retain their leaves to light and cool place. The optimum temperature for it is 6.8 degrees.

Cleanliness is a guarantee for health

Plants imported in the house for winter, are often forgotten. Even if you take plenty of time to pay attention to them at least 1-2 times a week. Can not leave their animals without care during the cold winter months.


Shorten slightly with scissors or a sharp knife too long shoots and growing into the crown cut completely. Serious pruning delayed until March.


Do not leave for weeks on soil in pots lie leaf litter from the plant. They may be stagnant and become a safe haven for pests. Small leaves can be "izmetat with brush and large removed by hand.


In warm weather a few minutes to open the door or window. This will fill your room with fresh air and the plants will not freeze. This measure is taken as a prophylaxis against fungal diseases.


Pest most aphids, mites or Greenhouse belokrilka, have in the room with favorable conditions for development. Use protective equipment, such as crown splashed on all sides. If spraying in the room, be sure to ventilate.

Small tips

Proper watering in winter is very important to save your plant healthy. Soil during the winter should not preovlazhnena, water can not hold long in the substrate, because the roots may be decayed. Use only soft water, which is at room temperature. Water plants only in the morning or in the first half of the day.

If you assume that nyaki plants may winter on the balcony provided and the time to review them once or twice a week. They must be gathered in groups and are located closer to the wall. Flowerpots they must be placed in larger vessels, which is essentially insulating the roots against frost. Not the same to cover them with leaves and twigs.

Must take care of aquatic plants that are in the tank or are imported from the garden at home. They, like any other aquarium plants require good lighting and lots of heat. It is also necessary to monitor the level of water in the containers in which water lilies are moved.

Vegetable Garden

Peas can be sown in late autumn

Peas are a cool plant and humid climate and to develop in appropriate conditions, the practice has established itself as an appropriate period of February-March sowings. Later crops suffer from drought and high temperatures and give lower yields. In the higher regions where the spring is long and have plenty of rainfall is not a lot of trouble to sow in early April, but the places with a strong continental climate and the southern regions of the country where the spring is short, it is worth be sown now, before the onset of cold weather. The seeds remain undamaged by weak warming of the soil, when they began to slowly grow and grow plants earlier in the favorable conditions for them. This is shown and the experience of our gardeners from Plovdiv, Petrich and elsewhere many decades ago. If you consider that you and spring is short and will miss the time for sowing in early spring sowing without fear now, before the onset of long-term cold snap in January.

In a yard can grow peas grooves. The distance between them should be 50 cm for low varieties and 60-70 cm high. The seeds are sown in the pot of 3-4. The distance between nests was 30 cm and 50 cm lower to higher species. Predzimnite depth of crops is slightly larger than the spring - 5-7 cm

Lupines of winter not afraid

Broad bean vegetable is a far-off, which lately seemed to fall out of use. Shunned by the big manufacturers, it is of interest to many culinary enthusiasts, the more that is characterized by great richness. Content of protein is superior beans and peas. Is particularly high content of legumina, which is one of the most valuable forms of proteins. Assets of the bean that is ready to eat beans before spring. This extended period of consumption of fresh vegetables visokobeltachna.

An important feature of the seeds of broad beans is that they can stay longer in the soil without damage. This gives an opportunity to sow just before winter and spring with the warming of time to grow. So make full use of bean moisture from winter precipitation in the soil and watering is hardly necessary. In spring sowing, it is not because the soil must be pretty poizsahnala to be handled and sown. Young plants withstand tipping spring cold snap without too much damage.

If you want to beans grown by winter sowing, will best be it shall sow in furrows. Proper distance between the furrows was 50 cm seeds are sown 4-5 wells in furrows at the base of the south side of the depth of 5.7 cm distance between nests is 30-40 cm

When you obtain such necessary seed

Sowing of some vegetables, depending on region and type of farming starts in January, so it is time to seek seed. And I came this time gardener, amateur or professional, seek answers to the questions - what and how much seed would need. Here are some figures that will be useful:

За 10 кв. метра домати са необходими 0,25-0,30 г семена, за пипер - 1,0-1,2 г, за патладжана - около 0,4,0-0,5, за главесто­то зеле и карфиола - по 0,4 г стигат. Разбира се, ако ще отде­ляте по повечко площ за тези зеленчуци, ще трябва да напра­вите съответните изчисления. Закръглявайте към по-горната стойност, ако не е точно кръгла десетица, примерно 15 или 28 кв. метра, защото резервът си е все пак резерв, а не недос­тиг. Пак на база 10 кв. метра може да правите сметката, че за салати ще ви трябват не повече 0,2 г, за тиквички - 2,5 , за краставици - 0,8, за дини - 1,5, а за пъпеши - 1,2 г.

На пликчетата, в които се продават семената, е написано тег­лото на тяхното съдържание. Не пропускайте да прочетете.

Как да съхраните картофите за зимнина

На любителя градинар най-изгодно е да съхранява малкото количество картофи не в големи ровници, както често по инерция му се препоръчва, а в избата, насипани в касетки. Може да използва и друго помещение, стига да е в състояние да регулира температурата в него.

Category: Flowers and Gardens through the seasons

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